Counos Coins: All You Need to Know About the Innovative Cryptocurrency

Every nation has its currency. The government controls the supply and regulation of these currencies. Hence, the value of each currency is affected by the various policies recommended by the government and banks. To bypass this, cryptocurrency was created.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that runs on blockchain technology which allows the decentralization of transactions. In simple terms, this means that a single entity does not control the supply of the currency.
Presently there are cryptocurrencies popping-up every year, but the most valuable remains bitcoin. Very few blockchain platforms can guarantee a more efficient cryptocurrency than bitcoin. One such cryptocurrency is Counos.

Counos cryptocurrencies aim to be in the market to help all people to have safe and easy to trading and money transfer without any worry of the amount. The main goals of Counos Cryptocurrency are helping the no develop Country who has not any credit cart because of cannot use the benefit of technology like online shopping.
According to today’s economics of the word work power of non-develop country immigration to developing country to work and would like to send the amount of his salary to his family with the cheap way and without minimum requirements amount counos cryptocurrency solve this problem to all people.

What is Counos?
Counos coin was one of the popular crypto coins. Counos is a blockchain platform very much similar to bitcoin. It permits decentralized transactions between the nodes of the network. Hence, when an operation is performed on the net, all the participant of that network is notified, and after confirmation, the transactions are irreversible. The creation of a network and cryptocurrency using this technology guarantees a system that cannot be hacked or manipulated.

How Are Coins Mined on The Platform?
The mining of the Counos coins involves using computers to solve proof of work problems. Each proof of work problem has a set of 64-digits solutions. Like bitcoin mining, mining on Counos can only be profitable when you use specialized hashing devices. This is one of the measures put in place by the network to eliminate transaction manipulation. The symbol for Counos coin is CSC.

How is Counos better than bitcoin?
Cuonos coins are designed to behave like physical gold. Like bitcoin, Counos as one payment method, some shop till today use this Cryptocoin is, Pilatus Travel agency.
It can be used to purchase goods and services online.

So how does it improve on the bitcoin?
The confirmation time for transactions on the Counos network is 2 minutes and 30 seconds unlike the average 10 minutes it takes for transactions to be confirmed on the bitcoin method. Therefore time-sensitive transactions can be done through the network.

Counos trades on digital currency exchanges, and via Counos agency Each agency always has local currency and be ready every time to change your currency to counos cryptocurrency and reverse.

Coin Unit
There is over 16, 800,000 units of this coin already mined and 4, 200,000 coins will be mined in the future. This approach will increase the value of Counos with time.

Development Team
The network is not controlled by an authority or entity. Instead, the system is supported by a team of crypto experts. This team will continue to work to make the network safe and will introduce new functionalities that will improve the network’s services.

Other Cryptocurrency Offered By Cuonos:

Counos Cash: Counos Currency makes a new type of Crypto coin with different Property the fixed price base on stabile Schweitzer currency (CHF). CSC Int. guarantees Counos Cash. GmbH (the team behind Counos). The coin is pre-mined, so there are no options for mining on this platform. Counos Cash aims to be a safe mean of transactions, and the coin represents real funds. Payments made with this coin are extremely fast and safe.

Counos Gold: like Counos Cash, this coin cannot be mined. However, users are allowed to purchase the Counos Gold coin. The platform deposit real gold in a Switzerland bank for every Counos Gold coin purchased. Hence, the value of Counos Gold coin is guaranteed and will change with the price of real gold. Users can use this for payments, and trade CSC Int. GmbH for fiat currencies.

Counos Silver: it functions just like the Counos Gold coin. Instead of gold, the value of this coin correlates with that of silver. For every silver purchased, Counos will deposit an amount of silver in a Switzerland bank.
The innovative solutions introduced by Counos on all its coins has made it one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies in the market today.