Connect Coin and the Team behind It

Cryptocurrency International Tanzania limited (CITL) a private limited liability company which is dedicated to the transformation of the global payment systems and money transfer through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The company has created its own digital currency “Connect Coin (XCON)” and utilized the market volatility of both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies in the global financial market.

Connect Coin

Connect Coin is designed to facilitate the global payments and money transfer. CITL has also created an ecosystem where XCON will be deployed. The token will provide its services on the CITL Exchange Platform, CITL Training Academy, CITL Merchant Platform, Connect Marketplace Platform, and Connect Card. CITL aims to make XCON a utility coin which can be used as the means of payment not only on CITL platforms but also on various other platforms. Connect coin can be used to pay for utilities and purchase various things from all kinds of outlets including ticket booths, movie theaters, health centers, restaurants, religious offerings, etc.

Connect Coin (XCON) is built on a very secure blockchain platform. It is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency. Ethereum is an open source, public blockchain based distributed computing platform which features smart contracts functionality. Connect Coin is also build upon the foundation of the Ethereum smart contracts which means it is very secure.

The team behind Connect Coin

The success of a token depends on the team and the community behind it. Connect Coin has a very experienced and trustworthy team behind it.

George Lucas

George Lucas, the founder and board member of Connect Coin has over 11 years of experience in global business development. He is a digital transformation expert, internet technology and analytical business leader with strong management, technical, and leadership skills. George has in-depth knowledge of business verticals including financial services and high technology. George also served as an advisor to hedge funds, private equity funds, and mutual funds.

Jimmy James

Jimmy is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and founder of Connect Coin. He is not only the lead blockchain developer in the CITL but also the inventor of Connect Coin. James is also the founder of RCM which helps the society to gain knowledge of digital assets and blockchain technology. He has also participated in the development of various Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Dapps, and decentralized exchanges. James is a crypto investor and expert in crypto trading. He also invented the Cryptocurrency Africa Foundation which undertakes the projects related to blockchain technology, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Chriss Shayo

Chriss is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Connect Coin. He is from finance and accounting background and worked as a financial consultant at National Bureau Statistics Co. Ltd. Tanzania for 4 years. After working with various other companies in 2017 he incorporated CITL. CITL provides crypto education and forex trading. Chriss is also co-founder and advisor of various other companies including FOREX Trade.

Emmanuel Reuben

Emmanuel is the IT developer who is also worked at one of the largest crypto company in Tanzania as a developer. He even acquired quite a few prizes for his web development capabilities.

Deogratius Mboya

Mboya is the legal officer of Connect Coin project and holds a master’s degree in Comparative Law Economics and Finance (LLM). He is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. Mboya also worked with CITL as a lawyer.

Renee Krom

Ranee is the Chief Blockchain Engineer and Chief Tech Evangelist in Connect Coin project. He believes that blockchain technology will take the world to a new stage. Ranee is master of computer science and majored in Ethereum blockchain. He even developed some dapps. Ranee also co-founded Cryptocurrency Africa Foundation. If we talk about blockchain field, Ranee worked for ICO projects and development of token exchanges.

Other than the core Connect Coin team some other experts such as Daniel J. Musokwa, Said Seif Said, and Rama Mwikalo are working as advisors for the Connect Coin project.

With its highly experienced and professional team, Connect Coin is trying to create an impact on society. CITL has plans to solve the problems of fiat currencies and trying to offer financial services to everyone including those who do not have access to the banking system. CITL marketplace is also looking forward to empowering the consumers by connecting them to the manufacturers so that they can take advantage of better prices.

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