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CoinView App – Unifying the Extensive Cryptocurrency Realm

Presently, there are over 1600 cryptocurrencies circulating in the market with a combined market cap of over USD 289 billion. Investors are increasingly trading in this exponentially evolving digital medium. Consecutively, there has been a considerable rise of cryptocurrency exchange platforms to meet the ever-growing demand of the investors and traders. In fact, there are over 200 cryptocurrency exchanges that offer active trading options to investors across the globe.

A Complex Cryptocurrency Realm

While the rise of cryptocurrencies and exchanges have offered many opportunities, it has also lead to undue complexities. Investing in cryptocurrency requires extensive knowledge of even the smallest details. However, with so many currencies to keep up with, it has become a complicated task for investors to make reliable predictions and reach wise investment decisions.

CoinView – An Effective Solution

With over 500,000 downloads already, CoinView is a simple and free application that amasses the best of cryptocurrency market instruments to provide a comprehensive analysis. It enables users to obtain real-time details of market data, ICOs, and news updates.

Noted below are some of the essential features of this app.

  • Seamless Trading Portfolio

Users can sync assets from top exchanges like BigONE, Binance, Coincheck, Bittrex etc., directly from the app’s APIs. The API key is securely stored in the encrypted memory, which is protected by Touch ID/ Face ID. Moreover, the app also uses Apple’s Secure Enclave coprocessor to encrypt data in hardware and ensures compliance with high-security standards.

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis

The app offers more than 2,200 trading pairs including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Monacoin (MONA), and Nem (XEM). The interface displays the price of each cryptocurrency exchange side-by-side to enable easy comparison. It also offers features like candlestick charts, pie graphs, widgets, etc. to facilitate a better understanding of the market.

  • API-Ready Unified Trading User-Interface

Users can check second-level market dynamics, perform a transaction via a unified and easy-to-use interface that is specially designed to offer efficient trading.

  • Integrated Wallet

The CoinView Wallet is developed using the Mixin blockchain and allows:

  1. Multi-currency transactions
  2. Faster and cost-effective fund transfer
  3. Safe and secure trading
  4. Compatibility with multiple devices
  • News Updates

The app offers the latest news updates from the world’s top cryptocurrency media sources in one place. Moreover, it allows investors to filter the news by categories so that they focus on their concerns. You can view articles, videos, and tweets – all without leaving the app.

  • ICO Listing Directory

The app allows users to view ICO details from Japan’s biggest ICO listing directory, CoinJinja. Investors can get detailed information about various coin offerings, and on the basis of the same, make profitable investments. Additionally, it also enables users to filter the information by size, industry categories, coin types, etc. to locate ICOs that align with their criteria.

CoinView – Simplifying Cryptocurrency Trade

CoinView has brought together everything serious investors need to track and manage their portfolio into a single app. From monitoring the market to receiving the latest updates with effective trading options, it furnishes users with unique features that make multiple-trading easier and effective for investors across the globe.

CoinView is available via both the Apple App Store and Google Play.