CoinSpectator : Bitcoin & Crypto News Aggregator

The internet is bursting with too many crypto news sites and unless we have quite a bit of time for research, it becomes rather difficult to navigate through all those different headlines. To put these volume-related woes of crypto enthusiasts to rest, we have a new service at hand: the CoinSpectator.

This new portal is a real-time news aggregation platform that allows for monitoring of prices and market indicators by bringing key headlines to one unified platform. Well-structured and comprehensive,CoinSpectator has come a long way from being the crypto blog it was launched as back in 2013.

Till date, the platform has run over 96000 news articles, 39000 comments and observations by influencers, 24000 project updates, and many more different kinds of pieces to keep followers updated.
It helps new projects in blockchain and crypto to get exposure and investments by spreading the word and allowing listing and advertising of ICOs.

With a lucid user interface, it allows users to view the key news articles at the center of the screen. Having options for liking, disliking, and ascertaining whether or not it is trending, CoinSpectator enables users to easily navigate past a sea of posts to find the most relevant one. Investors enjoy privileged access to the newest market trends, with insight on price movements. The platform allows users to read the article directly within its own website instead of redirecting to the source. The footer area lists the key digital currencies, alongside their market position and price fluctuations.

In addition, the site allows for filter applications to only show topics a particular user is interested in. Subscription facilities are also available to make sure frequent users don’t miss out on important notifications such as ICO announcements.