CODI Extends Private Sale And Gears Up For IDO

 CODI Finance is building a fully decentralized ecosystem for innovative DeFi products to thrive and grow by establishing a governance structure in which users run and manage the platform.
The platform governance is designed in such a way that the CODI community can vote on new features and any integration that will benefit the community.

The Solana-powered CODI Ecosystem includes unique features such as:

● IDO Launchpad DEX

● NFT Marketplace

● Decentralized Lending platform

● DAO Governance Model

● Fully customizable Vesting Protocol

CODI endeavors to develop a solid launchpad DEX on the fast and scalable Solana Blockchain. The CODI community would have the opportunity to invest in the most promising new DeFi projects. Simultaneously, new DeFi projects will be able to raise funds from committed CODI investors. CODI’s IDO Launchpad, COpad, acknowledges that there are many DeFi projects on the market today, but there is a “trust barrier” in deciding which DeFi project to invest in. Many new DeFi projects prey on investors by misrepresenting themselves as legitimate and trustworthy projects in order to steal their money. Before DeFi products are listed on the launchpad DEX, CODI has developed a vetting procedure. New DeFi projects can scale and attract users who share their vision and goals, and our users can invest in the best new DeFi startups before they are listed on other exchanges.

CODI also intends to build the Solana blockchain’s first layer 2 for NFTs, which will allow artists and collectors to trade NFTs quickly and securely. The CODI community will have access to the best NFTs with low transaction costs and fast processing. Users will be able to mint, collect, and trade NFTs without fear of the platform experiencing slow transaction times and high transaction costs because the platform is built on the fast and low-cost Solana blockchain.

The CODI Ecosystem is preparing for its IDO, and it intends to be transparent about the Ecosystem’s plans and activities in accordance with its vision of becoming a fully decentralized ecosystem. The IDO would be listed on the CODI’s IDO launchpad for a week before the IEO on the p2pb2b exchange, with a listing price of $0.05.

More Details On Private Sale Extension

Due to the positive feedback received in recent weeks, the project has extended its private sale, which was supposed to end on October 31st, to November 14th. CODI expects that in the run-up to the project’s exchange listing, it will distribute at least 99 million $CODI, or 30% of the entire supply of 330,000,000 CODI. The high level of interest generated by the private sale indicates that $CODI is most likely a “next-level” project. The private sale’s allotted supply is nearly depleted; anyone interested in this “unique” ecosystem should purchase tokens at pre-sale prices before they run out. CODI tokens will be sold for $0.02 per token with a four-month vesting period and $0.03 per token without a vesting period during this private sale.

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