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Bloomberg like Terminal for cryptocurrencies, launched in alpha stage

Cryptocontrol, a leading crypto news aggregator, has launched the demo/alpha of their trading terminal. The trading terminal (much like a bloomberg terminal) is a tool for traders to consume vast amounts of information in real-time and trade with ease on multiple exchanges. The terminal is also set to include features such as a built-in-wallet system.

Currently the terminal allows traders to view charts and perform arbitrage across Bitfinex, Binance and Bittrex. About 30+ exchanges will be added in the coming week and more data-points will be included in the beta of the terminal which is expected around mid-November.

btc wires cryptocontrol

Download the alpha of the Trading Terminal to see what we’re building.

Steven Enamakel, Cryptocontrol’s founder, when asked about the idea behind the trading terminal, responded “As a trader, I’m never satisfied by the amount & quality of info I take into consideration to make trading decisions. Forex markets have tools like Bloomberg/Reuters and the crypto market is heavily under-utilizied. This terminal is going to be a one stop app for you to make better trading decisions. If there’s ever going to be a Bloomberg for crypto, this is going to be it.”

The alpha version of the Trading Terminal can be downloaded for free (Mac/Windows/Linux links). The service is subscription based, starting at $99/month after launch. But, if you order it before 1st Dec, 2018, you can get it for $25 for 2 years.

To know more about the Trading Terminal, visit us by clicking this link.