Bitcoin Casinos – A guide to the real thing!

Bitcoin casino refers to any sports betting agency or online casino that accepts bitcoins as a preferred mode of currency besides fiat currency. With the popularity of cryptocurrency, several bitcoin casinos have come up in recent years. They offer plenty of customized bitcoin casino list of games for bettors who want to transact in bitcoins. Let us have a look in detail on how bitcoin casinos operate and other significant aspects.

How do bitcoin casinos operate?

For any gaming business or online gambling portal to remain successful, software plays a major role. Bitcoin casinos are no exception as the software remains at the heart of their operations. Many popular bitcoin casinos around the world have their own software customized to their requirements.  On the other hand, smaller bitcoin casinos make use of rented or purchased versions that can be further customized by adding a few exclusive features to the game. The software is designed to run the games independently without the need for any human involvement.

When the game needs all human players, the software acts as the table dealer and conducts the game. Since everything is digital, bitcoin casinos have to explain a lot about the fairness of their operations. However, in order to establish trust, many bitcoin casinos openly display the functions of their software and algorithms. For others, it could be simply recommendations or the unique features they offer through their games. One of the most popular games in bitcoin casinos is poker even as lotteries and other versions of popular games exist.

Options available for players in Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos offer great anonymity and ease of transfer due to the emergence of cryptocurrency. In recent years, online casinos have swiftly adopted cryptocurrency as the standard mode of currency in order to escape any regulatory restrictions. Many bitcoin casino websites even offer unlimited free daily transactions and zero transaction fees. It offers them a clear advantage over their counterparts who only deal in fiat currency. As the operating margins are usually lower, many bitcoin casinos also offer extensive profits and larger jackpots. You can refer to a smart casino guide that will give you a list of games and the procedures to play them.

To challenge their traditional counterparts, many bitcoin casinos have customized standard games by incorporating new rules and restrictions. It may not necessarily mean that all these games are legal. One of the biggest advantages of using bitcoin for online casinos is that the earnings are not taxable unless they are explicitly declared.

Are Bitcoin Casinos legal?

Traditional online casinos that make transactions in regular currencies have a fixed set of regulations. When payment is made with regular currencies, both players and casinos operators can be tracked. However, things are different with bitcoin casinos. Verification and audit become a challenge as the bitcoin transactions are purely digital. Questions might arise regarding the authenticity of fair shuffling and distribution in an online card game. Also, since there is complete anonymity regarding the player and the transactions they make, there is a question about the fair business practices of the game.

Further, many bitcoin casinos only require minimum user details like an email address. By not having more personal details, it becomes difficult to establish the authenticity of a user. Anyway, gambling is not allowed in most countries and bitcoin casinos only make it difficult to regulate it. These challenges make running bitcoin casinos in the US an illegal affair. For this reason, many of the bitcoin casinos are located outside the US. Many bitcoin casino enthusiasts from across the globe operate on these websites anonymously.