AMOS – Get Money to Stay Fit

Today, people spend a minimum of 8-9 hours sitting on chairs in the office. This sedentary sphere of comfort and support has resulted in a significant increase in many health issues and physical discomfort. In fact, according to a recent survey, one in every three people risk early death due to inadequate physical exercise. Minimum of thirty minutes of daily exercise can not only improve your physical health, but also strengthen your mental and emotional wellbeing. While people always talk about wanting to stay fit, they often tend to shun away when it comes to actually acting upon their resolutions.

AMOS is an unconventional platform that makes exercise fun and rewarding. This extensive sports ecosystem has integrated blockchain and AI to create exercise mining that encourages people to exercise and earn rewards for their achievements.

Fundamental Components of AMOS Sports Ecosystem
There are two primary components in the framework of AMOS – Smart Sport Watch and Smart Gym that are accessible both, online as well as offline.

  • Smart Sport Watch

AMOS’ Smart Sport Watch calculates the calories burned of the users and offers them workout insights. Moreover, the platform also encourages users to continue exercising via rewarding token as incentives. Users can easily record their health and sports records on the AMOS app for future analysis. Following are the key features of Smart Sport Watch:

  • Sport Incentive reward
    • Rewards in exchange for steps taken and calories burned
    • Rewards for completing released quests
  • Sports Community
    • Chat and make friends
    • Form teams to complete quests together for bonus points
    • Leaderboards of Teams and Individuals with best performance
  • Health Management
    • Keep records of vitals and health information
    • Monitor fitness status
    • Physical improvement plan
  • Sports Intelligence Analysis
    • Giving feedback through sports data
    • AI algorithm
  • Smart Gym

AMOS also intends to establish various smart gyms across the globe, thus initiating its offline component. For this, the platform has partnered with a well-recognized sports equipment provider, Strengthen Master Group. Together, the companies will implement their expertise in R&D (research and development) to build IoT enabled equipment for the Smart Gym. The concept of Smart Gym is further reinforced by AI and big data technology that will offer essential health and sports data analysis for the users. Moreover, the AI coach built in the system will offer training to the users on how to exercise correctly on the equipment and how to be in right forms to avoid any physical injuries. The followings are the features of AMOS’ Smart Gym:-

  • Reservation
    • Reservation system for equipment
    • Notifications from the gym
    • Live visitor counts
  • Autonomous Management
    • Pay with mobile
    • Self check-in and check–out
  • Data Gathering
    • User verification
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Fitness data to track progress
  • Smart Environment
    • Temperature sensors
    • Oxygen level sensors
    • IoT equipment
  • Data Analysis
    • Analyze collected data
    • Offer improvement plans for users’ goals

Sport Intelligence Analysis

While conventional sports equipment can collect health index, physical status, and exercise data, it fails to analyze the collected data. AMOS has incorporated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to facilitate data analysis of various sports and scientific sports model. This allows users to effectively make necessary changes in their existing fitness regime and work on improving their healthy. Furthermore, AI will also be a part of Smart Gym for users to efficiently obtain a training program, with little need from a trainer.

Crowdfunding Platform

AMOS has developed a sports themed crowdfunding platform on which people can exchange products and services with AMOS tokens. Users can also initiate crowdfunding activities such as sponsoring athletes, donating funds for sports games, and promoting new sports.

AMOS Token Sale

The platform has issued a total of 5 Billion AMOS tokens out of which 2 Billion tokens were offered for sale. The presale started from October, 10th, 2018 to November 30th, 2018 whereas the public sale was initiated on December 1st, 2018 and will continue till February 28th, 2019.

AMOS – Revolutionizing Fitness

AMOS has leveraged blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning to introduce the concept of exercise-mining. The platform has developed the Smart Sport Watch and Smart Gym to encourage people to exercise more efficiently and garner rewards from their participation in this fitness revolution.

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