Algowave app uses EDR coin to power crypto predictions at 80% success, to be proven on CoTrader

The partnership between Algowave and Endor (EDR) generated cryptocurrency coin prediction at a speculated success rate of more than 80% through social physics theory invented at MIT. Owing to the success of this partnership, the two companies have decided to enter in a 24-month collaboration.

The Algowave app is available for download at The app doesn’t offer financial advice, rather it predicts the performance of certain coins in the coming weeks. Reportedly, the app has a staggering accuracy rate of 80%. It has incorporated a profitable trading algorithm that is capable of identifying trends and indicators, determining opportunities, and executing them in real-time to maximize the user’s profits. The ecosystem supports leading cryptocurrency exchanges that include Binance, BitFinex, Liqui, Okex, and Bittrex. There is a growing discussion about why the company doesn’t use this information only for themselves: there are likely still other factors at play in creating a well-performing fund. The above data, however, may prove very useful.

The Google of predictive analytics, Endor, offers automated and accurate prediction without any data science expertise. The software is reinforced by social physics technology and machine power. Endor has its own dedicated coin on Bittrex that is denoted as EDR. Endor Software Ltd was co-founded by Social Physics MIT professor, Alex Pentland.


Professor Pentland’s achievements:


  • Member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering
  • Leader at the World Economic Forum
  • Director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
  • Winner of the DARPA Network Challenge
  • A founding member of advisory boards for Google, AT&T, Nissan, and the UN Secretary-General
  • Publisher of books “Social Physics” and “Honest Signals”

Moreover, Endor’s advisory panel includes some notable achievers like:-

  • Cryptographer Stuart Haber, who had reportedly invented the ‘first blockchain’ in the year 1995, which was 13 years before the invention of Bitcoin.

  • Professor Alexander Liptop, who is also a member at MIT. He is a partner at Numerai and has headed quantitative departments in Bank of America and Merill Lynch. His work has also been published in Scientific American.

Witnessing this strong collaboration, many enterprises from around the world are looking to incorporate Algowave and Endor EDR into their respective platforms, and CoTrader is one such firm. CoTrader is a blockchain-based platform that proves fund performance and is planning to get Algowave powered funds on the Through this integration, CoTrader envisions to provide a more efficient trading environment to the investors.

Moreover, CoTrader is all geared up to issue its tokens (COT) in leading exchanges in January. The platform claims to be the world’s first blockchain-powered investment fund system that offers proof of past ROIs, transparent fee structures, easy deposit and withdrawal of funds, etc. CoTrader empowers investors to participate in crypto investment and trade with the reliable assistance of experienced fund managers. Furthermore, it also allows fund managers to gain substantial profits in return based on their performance.

The CoTrader team envisions to democratize the global fund industry, which presently values at USD 85 Trillion, and is speculated to touch USD 145 Trillion by the year 2025. The integration of Algowave and Endor within the CoTrader system can help the team accomplish their objectives and allow fund managers to use Algowave prediction along with their insights to obtain the best ROI performance.