5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is a Better Investment than Gold and Real Estate

When we think of investment, we think of elements like gold, bitcoin, and real estate. But often people have been found asking questions about how bitcoin could be similar to gold or real estate.

But, guess what?

Now, bitcoin is even costlier than gold or real estate. Gold and real estate is of course a good investment but even better than it is bitcoin. Here we have gathered what bitcoin supreme’ and many other experts had to say on this.

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin is a Better Investment than Gold and Real Estate

Some investors say that bitcoin is a better investment while some others say that gold and real estate are better. But in most cases, it can be said that gold and real estate are better bitcoin but if we take a major look deeply into it then you will find bitcoin is better.

Reason 1 – Physical Existence 

The fiat currency is always backed by gold which means that gold and currency are completely dependent on each other. If we talk about safety, in both cases of gold and real estate safety is an issue. It is very difficult to keep gold and real estate safe because both have a physical existence.

In the case of gold, one has to buy a vault to keep gold, while those have real estate also has to make some strong protection around it. Hence it is very important to understand that in the case of bitcoin, there is no such extra expanse on keeping the bitcoin safe. One can keep the bitcoin safe, just by having a good software and hardware wallet.

Reason 2 – Portable 

Both gold and real estate are difficult to be moved from one place to the other. Gold and real estate cannot be relocated or can be carried somewhere else. If you are traveling then you will have to keep yourself bothered about the property that you are leaving behind.

While in the case of bitcoin, it can be easily carried anywhere you go. So, basically you need not have to worry about the bitcoin asset that you have. You can easily carry it wherever you go and check it whenever you want.

Reason 3 – Selling Properties

The selling of bitcoin is much easier than selling gold and real estate. In the case of real estate, the buyer would want to visit the location and see the property. In case of gold, the buyer or the shopkeeper to whom you may sell it off will then make it liquid and then take the measure or the weight of the gold into consideration.

But when it comes to bitcoin, you can just sell off bitcoin in any of the trading platforms without being judged or wasting any extra time. It can be done whenever you want that is there is no real-time for selling or buying the bitcoin.

Reason 4 – Rarity 

If we talk about real estate, there is actually no rarity in real estate. There is enormous open land to built-up any real estate but both gold and bitcoin are rare in nature. While bitcoin is not present in abundance and has a limited supply bitcoin is very rarely available, it is said just 21 million bitcoin is present in the world and that is being used and reused and the number is hence not increasing.

The method of gold and bitcoin is pretty the same, both of them can be mined and they have a limit on earth. Gold can be mined but after a point, it cannot be mined, likewise, gold can be mined, bitcoin can also be mined but up to an extent.

Reason 5 – Risks of Loss

Well if you have bought a real estate then there is no such reason to face any loss but the risk remains. If you have rented the real estate and if you do not get the rent then you will have to go through the loss. In the case of gold, the price of volatile is not so volatile, hence it will not go through loss as such but whenever gold is melted there is some difference in solid and liquid gold. While bitcoin is very less likely to be risky.