100xCoin Introduces 100xListing – a platform for new-found crypto investors to safely invest and find altcoins

Vote For Altcoins To Buy

In an industry inundated with snake-oil salesmen, it’s hard to separate genuine community engagement with sales pitches in disguise.

It would be easy to make the same assumption on 100xAltbase, and the recently launched listing competition. Just another fad posed as a use-case?

The newbie crypto investor will probably identify with the minefield confronted when finding or researching altcoins to buy. BEP20? ERC20? Slippage?

To mature investors, this is bread and butter – but it is not for everyone. This is the target market Altbase is looking to go after. Those that are interested in Crypto, but not quite engaged buyers.


Community Voting to give other tokens exposure

Providing the platform for new-found crypto investors to safely invest and find altcoins – under one roof – check. But what about visibility?

It could be argued this is where the 100xListing proposition really comes into its own.

Not only does the vote allow the community of each relevant token the ability to participate from day one, those just selected for listing votes are placed onto the 100xCoin website. This includes a full description of the project, and a link too. The 100xCoin domain attracts 300k users per month as per analytics, so placing other tokens in the limelight in this regard must be regarded as unselfish, and quite simply, genius.

Having other token communities visit and engage with the site, whilst providing a two-step flow of information on the listing competition itself to other community members – is arguably one of the most effective advertising models. Everyone benefits from increased traffic and exposure, and word of mouth ultimately carries the most weight when making referrals.

The 100xListing concept encompasses all the good that comes from community votes and word of mouth. Driving engagement, and directing that traffic to a certain place to complete a goal i.e vote for a token. The marketing team at 100xCoin is evidently in overdrive to change the way  crypto users buy altcoins.

An innovator of Meme Coins?

With the rollout of 100xAltbase, and in-turn 100xListing – 100xCoin has evidently broken the shackles of ‘just’ a meme coin. If anything, 100x has set the bar in terms of revolutionizing meme coins as a vertical market.

Substantiating future market viability amongst Meme Coins is an absurdly tough task – but the ground being made is there for all to see.

The investment required in these concepts alone is a massive commitment to the project. Launching an app on both iOS and Play Stores costs hundreds of thousands, and requires multiple specialists working in synchronicity – with a pretty big wage bill to boot.

With a reasonable amount of research – it’s hard to find another top 100 coin making these sorts of investments in tech, let alone top 2000. Altbase could soon be ‘the’ place to buy altcoins.

Just pursuing on this journey amongst some of the biggest names in Fintech, let alone Crypto – is not only admirable but quite frankly, brave.

Establishing a complete click funnel, from website to app – is at the forefront of the 100xCoin agenda. Watch this space.

Media Contact:
Liam Ross

[email protected]