How To Get In On The Blockchain Development Action?

BTC Wires: People will tell you how they started out but you can be sure that in the end, your path will be entirely different, it always is. The thing is, in blockchain there is no linear path – diplomas and academic achievements guarantee you nothing. While people are just getting started my their way in blockchain, they look at their peers who have this linear path of getting a degree, finding an internship, then a job. All figured out.

In the blockchain industry, you can forget about it. No matter what tips you get, you’d have to forge your own path – but we can hope that these tips may help you to avoid mistakes that are rampantly common among newbies.

A development background cannot alone pull you through

Even if you have advanced coding skills, don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’ll make learning blockchain much easier. Even great coders with experience in Python, C, and Java can create a solid mobile app, but that doesn’t help much when you start learning blockchain. It’s not just a technology, it’s a science. You need to have a math background to prepare yourself for profound learning.

Use verified sources of information

When people usually begin their career in the blockchain field, they begin relying heavily on online guides and which is a big mistake. Nowadays, it’s rather recommend to take dedicated blockchain courses, along with reading a couple of textbooks. Using the Internet is very tempting but with the number of pseudo-blockchain experts out there, it’s a dicey game to rely on such guidance too much.

Enter a community

Before you start a blockchain career, you need to dive in the field to understand whether it fascinates you. Here you can do a little exercise: Try to function and act for at least 2-3 weeks with the mindset of blockchain developer. Start following dedicated blogs and magazines, communicate with other developers (you can ask their advice if needed), follow new startups. The basic idea is to just dive in.

Define an industry you want to work in

To make your first career really efficient, determine the industry you want to work in as soon as possible. It can be finance, gaming, marketing, logistics – all these fields already actively adapt blockchain technology but its specifics differ depending on the field. Of course, it’s tempting to strive towards universality and aim to become a great professional for any field. It will, however, take years, and you need to find your first project. If you can determine its niche soon, you’ll be better for it.