If you are looking for a Gems ICO (Initial Coin Offering) , then you have to make sure that the team seems capable of performing their goals. Does the team have the adequate experience? Is their experience up to the mark? When you are sure about these things, then you can believe that they are capable of performing the task perfectly.

Gem – A Unique Concept

Gem - A Unique Concept

If you are one of those selective people who has found a gem, then it must have something different which makes it stand out from the others in the competition. In case the companies begin to create the same thing, then what makes it stand out? This might be the question a lot of people searching answer for. So, let’s get the answer here.

In addition, it’s important that the team has a released product and that should be a working product. Without a working product, the coin is weaker than it can be imagined.

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Some Words About Gem Platform

Some Words About Gem Platform

Gem is widely recognized for its belief that every person is valuable. That is why they build people-centric products meant to drive the movement to a new decentralized economy which values people over more over the institutions. The all-in-one cryptocurrency platform of Gem brings cryptocurrency enthusiasts confidence as well as delight in managing their digital assets, and also it helps them to experience the New Economy to the fullest.

The Gem Platform offers a single entry point to their consumers for tracking all of their crypto investments as well as net worth, curated discover of decentralized apps and new tokens, a universal secure wallet, and a connection to the larger crypto community.

Established in 2013, the team of platform’s veteran blockchain and cryptocurrency engineers is building on its experience deploying wallet and blockchain technology for startups as well as large enterprises alike including Toyota, Capital One, Mercer, and Phillips. With its unique platform, Gem is taking a unique approach that is more direct to attract the next billion consumers entering the digital economy.

blockchain and cryptocurrency pioneer, Micah Winkelspecht, is the founder and CEO of Gem platform, that is based in Venice, California.

Attention Towards Gem

Attention Towards Gem

Is there attention to the Gem Coin yet? Have people found anything about it? If so, then how does its chart look like? Has the chart moved already? If not, then does it have the credentials to have attention in the future?

These are the question which you have to ask yourself when hunting for Gem.

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Gem Chart

How does the Gem chart look? Is this chart near an ATH? Does it have any way to go ahead in the market?

Well, looking at the Gem chart is an essential factor when you are hunting for this coin. It makes no difference what all the other factors come into the light, if the chart isn’t looking good, then it’s not the time to step into this coin.

In case you are buying a coin near its all-time high, then it is more than 80% of the time that you are asking to get rekt.

Gem Partnerships

Gem Partnerships

Does this venture have notable gem partnerships? If yes, then are these legit partnerships or just fluff?

Numerous organizations have been fluffing up with Gem Partnerships for appearing to be more legit. In case you can find a venture with legit partnerships what will add more value to the industry, then you may have discovered yourself a decent Gem.

Gem Metrics

Well, Gem Metrics are a prime factor to Gem hunting. The market capitalization is the major metric one must be looking for. Everything under $30 million is good, under $15 million is better, and under $5 million is excellent.

In case you find a gem under $1 million Market Capitalization, then you must have explored something that’s more special than anything. When a coin has a low market capitalization, then there is a great potential for growth. That’s personally why the market capitalization is one of the primary factors that you must be looking at when looking at new coins for investment purposes.

Apart from that, the low supply coins are just perfect. If you remember, that supply as well as demand thing you were taught in High School, didn’t you?

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The Best Solutions

The Best Solutions

In case you have found something which meets the aforementioned factors, or at least some of them, then you must have discovered yourself a Gem, and it’s sporadic to find a coin with all those factors. In case, you have missed our guide about 10 Steps of Analyzing ICOs, let us tell you that you may find something that’s truly special

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