Best ICO To Invest In 2018

Wondering where to invest cryptocurrency in 2018 to have higher returns, so here is the answer. Invest in ICO(Initial Coin Offering) which is quite similar to IPO(Initial Public Offering) concept. It means that someone offers investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Here is the list of best ICOs in the market to invest in 2018:

Qravity: The Qravity platform will turn into space for creatives to team up on making content and monetizing their productions. Creators immutably claim their works through the usage of blockchain technology and can sell their creative products, for example, writing, music and video through the platform.

Qravity emphasizes community-oriented ventures and employs a fair circulation of income based on added value. Each time a work is sold, the distribution of income is ensured through smart contracts.

The Ethereum-based Qravity token (QCO) will be used to disseminate stakes among colleagues, stake on ventures, bring ventures made on the platform to the market, track the created digital content and in particular, to pay for works. The Qravity platform has an interesting take on creative work as it focuses on streamlined creative workflows and collaboration. The presale Qravity has already started from July 2018, followed by Round 1 of the ICO on July 17.

Coti: Coti is an abbreviation for “Currency of the Internet” and has set out to compete for the traditional payment modes such as Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. The team behind COTI plans to leverage the advantage of the decentralised technology. This cryptocurrency is based on a blockchain but on a DAG structure, similar to IOTA and nano.

Transaction through this mode claims, an instantaneous transaction at very low cost. The Coti payments platform will run on the team’s proprietary Trustchain Protocol and will include wallets, payment processing tools and currency exchange facilities. The project has already attracted little funding of $3 million in its presale and is looking for $27 million more during their ICO which starts on August 15, 2018.

Explorio: Explorio is the world’s first decentralised travel review platform. It uses blockchain technology in securing user data which means it won’t be stored, sold to third parties, or manipulated. By focusing, on a very specific sector of travel reviews, Explorio enjoys less competition within the blockchain space.

The Explorio ICO starts on August 1, 2018, and will run until September 15, 2018.

Hedera Hashgraph: The Hedera Hashgraph platform wishes to become a serious competitor of Ethereum, EOS and NEO. The team promises a secure, fair and highly efficient network that will allow for smart contracts, dapps, staking and a token. The platform’s native token will serve as a lifeline for network, used for governance, access to dapps and running nodes.

The platform will initially allow smart contracts, shared storage and microtransactions through its token, but more functionalities are to be expected. The exact date of the Hedera Hashgraph ICO is still unknown, yet we’re expecting an announcement soon. The platform is highly anticipated, with the project already receiving $18 million in funding during the presale, an indicator of how big this project can go.

Akropolis: Akropolis platform focuses mainly on pension fund control. The Akropolis platform is founded on transparent, smart contract foundation that controls the Akropolis pension funds. All users can observe what’s going on with their pension assets, and third parties are expelled from the condition, taking into account high overhead efficiencies.

The team’s aspirations aren’t unassuming, as they intend to “be the biggest alternative pensions infrastructure in the world.” The official whitelist for the presale has ended, but the Akropolis public sale is still open for waitlisting. The correct date for the public sale is still unknown, and the group suggests that interested individuals agree to accept the waitlist which will also serve as the application shape for public ICO.