Imagine yourself buying a car with just a few mouse clicks while sitting in the comfort of your home. Wouldn’t it be just what you always wanted?

Today, when the commotion of this digital evolution is in every corner of the world, buying cars in the comfort we just discussed above is entirely possible. Autobay has become the first ever decentralized ecommerce platform to implement Blockchain Use Case for Payments allowing you to buy or sell any vehicle using cryptocurrency.

Autobay has made a revolution in the buying process of cars. You don’t need to be worried about carrying a big amount of fiat currency for the desired vehicle. The entire process is smooth and simplified. Using Autobay, you are just 3 easy steps away from buying your dream car. You simply need to choose the vehicle and then pay with cryptocurrency of your choice. Currently, the payments can be done using BTC, ETH and ABX, Autobay tokens which are currently in private sale.

A big thank to the technological progress in the world that Autobay is saving you time and money. Also, it keeps you extra fees in case you choose to buy or sell a car using digital currencies. Autobay makes sure giving you a fast yet secure transaction process. The Autobay’s investors could pay with the token at the time of buying the desired vehicle from the ecommerce platform. Moreover, the company rewards the investors who prefer to pay using ABX over the other cryptocurrency.

Refraining from the inconvenience of paying cash, you actually save yourself from stressful situations. The transactions done through the buying or selling process at Autobay are easy and simple, just like buying the grocery products from your preferred online store. Who would choose to lose time with money when there’s a way which is more fast, secure and easy to use rather than the existing system.

The platform makes sure to create a reviewing system for its users. The system will contribute to a fair community. By interjecting this algorithm, users will be able to rate the profiles of the other users, which will result in creating a self-regulating community. The greatest asset that the company provides is the secure registration process which would not just eliminate any lapse but also allow false profiles or the profiles with wrong information to exiting. The process of the registration, as well as the following transactions, are made sure the blockchain ecosystem.

In Autobay’s ecommerce platform, users are free to buy, sell and auction the cars for the first time by paying with bitcoins and any other cryptocurrency. The primary motive of Autobay is to create legitimacy for the crypto market by allowing the use of BTC, ETH and ABX Tokens as a financial asset to acquire cars, motorcycles or trucks.

The Problem

The Problem with Purchasing Car

These days, transactions offered by the automotive industry are steadily on the gain. The existing method of payments is carried out by fiat currency. At the time of buying a new vehicle nearly, everyone in some point got to carry out the money in cash, either to or from the bank or from their house to the dealership. This is something that could be a stressful as well as an insecure process. The same procedure is applied when purchasing a used car as the entire industry is based on paying with cash by creating a larger uncertainty amid the procedure.

Moreover, in case you are willing to buy a second-hand car from a private seller, then people are usually forced to travel to an unknown location, where a strange seller claims to have the car which they want and make cash transactions in an uncomfortable situation. Well, in that case, you couldn’t check the car documentations thoroughly with the help of a lawyer, and you are obliged to make a premature decision for going home before the dark.

Such a kind of process comes with a lot of risks such as getting mugged, losing money, time loss and payment with fake notes. The process of purchasing a vehicle, for the last 100 years, hasn’t been changed much. Now, Autobay has come up with the right and reliable answer.

The Solution Autobay Brings

The Solution Autobay Brings

Actually, Autobay gives the solution of all the problems involved in making cash payment. It allows you to buy a car in just 3 easy, simple and safe steps. They are,

Step #1: – Search


The person has to browse for the car they are willing to buy. Both, the Autobay dApp as well as the website allows you to search for the car you are planning to buy by adding the filters to customize your search, for example, the brand, model, mileage, year and distance so that you could adjust to find results of the cars, trucks or motorcycles inside 20-mile radius.

Step #2: – The Visit

When you find the car you want, be it a new or the used one, you simply click on the button “I’m interested”. Now, that means that you are willing to visit the location where the vehicle is to check out the model in person and make the final decision of purchasing that one. By pressing that “I’m interested” button, both the parties, seller and buyer, receive each other’s profile information. In such a way, one of the factors about creating uncertainty is diluted. Simultaneously, the buyer knows who is selling the car and can also check out the previous reviews of the other users who have bought from him in the past. So, the process is mutual, and safety is the primary concern for both the parties.

Step #3: – Cashless Payment

Cashless Payment

The third and the most important step is that there is no need for cash payments when the person has agreed to purchase the vehicle. The only thing that the buyer needs to do is to open the Autobay dApp on their mobile device, enter the “I’m interested” button, look for the post on the specific car that he wishes to make purchase of, and then press “Buy” button to create a Blockchain Smart Contract in the Ethereum Blockchain and pay for the car.

That’s it — fast, easy and simple.