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BTC Wires Talks Blockchain With Mr. Timur Kilimov From ISG World

Do you consider Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to be a good field of investment ?

Yes, we do. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have created a completely new market, both in terms of potential use-cases for enterprise, and thereby a form of funding for ICOs and other upcoming tech startups. This market has consistently grown every quarter. Also, the decentralized nature of this technology has proved itself attractive to all of us, which makes me believe that this is only the beginning of crypto era. There is still a lot to be done and acknowledged, though, and the more belief people have in the usefulness and necessity of this technology in the future, the more investment the sector receives, and thereby value it gains.

What misconceptions do people have about trading cryptocurrencies?

Some people tend to think that it is easy. Most of them use the same analytic methods they would use trading on stock exchanges or forex. However, this is not always the right thing to do. The crypto markets do not obey the laws of the markets the way traditional markets do.

What according to you can be some hurdles in the future? How do you plan to tackle those?

The primary hurdle the entire community faces is the lack of mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is an issue that the world is possibly going to still face for some time to come. ISG is not immune to such pressures as well. We are also a technology company at the cutting-edge of development. Our challenge, as we see it, is developing and testing and proving our concept and then acquiring adoption across the globe. As a system that will provide great savings as well as offer great convenience, we do not foresee adoption as the largest issue we will face. But it is a hurdle to reach that phase in itself, and for that reason our TGE is so important.

Could you share your predictions about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency economy for the next 5 years?

While blockchain and cryptocurrency is the talk of the town right now, and the need for decentralization greater than ever, the percentage of people involved in adoption and expansion of this market is still not over 5% of the population on earth, which make us think, as I said before, we are still only at the tip of the iceberg of the crypto era. Nowadays the information spreads extremely fast through crypto-news websites, ICO trackers, and various other social platforms, online communities etc. I feel that in 5 years a lot will change and rethought regarding centralized enterprise, but the blockchain and crypto sphere will prosper and will bring new horizons to us all.

How do you think the volatility of the crypto market has affected the ICO industry?

The volatility of the crypto market mostly affects those tokens whose projects have no practical or social benefit. Regardless volatile character of crypto markets the market of ICO keeps growing. The turbulence that covered cryptocurrency markets last months did not deprive start-ups of the opportunity to finance their projects through ICO, but it made this task much more difficult. Despite this, it can be seen that certain trends persist, in particular the geographical and sectoral distribution. In general, the type of fundraising considered remains viable, judging by the number of ICOs that are still being conducted month on month.

Coming to your project International Sky Group, what is it about, can you give us a brief?

ISG is the new generation satellite communication system that has unprecedented speed and quality parameters. Our subscribers will also stay connected anywhere in the world even on the plane without roaming charges or need for public hotspots. Such a technology will take the industry to a whole new level. Online education, telemedicine, culture, trade, multimedia, etc, will have the opportunity to cover hard to reach areas bringing incredible convenience and progress.

What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with ISG?

This is, first and foremost, experimental technology. We need to prove our technology’s prowess in real-space conditions. As soon as we confirm the parameters we will start implementation of the “large” project which directly leads to the launch of 98 satellites, creating network coverage across 100% of the surface of the earth.

What motivated you to initiate this project?

The opportunity to be a part of technological revolution in satellite communication which in turn will produce a lot of useful services and probably goods is agreat stimulus to succeed.

What do you think is the advantage/role of blockchain as a technology for your project/platform?

Blockchain technology will allow us to keep the payment processes automated, instantaneous and transparent. Also, the use of a blockchain-based payment service along with the decentralized applications that we plan to launch will meet any requirements to provide fast and secure way to transfer user funds.

What has been your biggest challenge so far while working on ISG?

Our team faces challenges everyday and none of the challenges was big enough for us to remember. Every challenge has its own solution.