Zilliqa Launches Free “Blockchain A-Z” Workshop

Zilliqa, a scalable public blockchain network has joined hands with King’s College London, a student run-society to start a free educational workshop on the distributed ledger technology. The initiative has been named Blockchain A-Z, where each workshop would last for four weeks starting on the 26th of March.

Zilliqa’s Developer Marketing Lead, Saiba Kataruka said,

“We’re very excited to be engaging with a creative community. For those starting from scratch, we hope that Blockchain A-Z will equip them with the necessary foundational knowledge to work in one of the most exciting areas of the tech industry today.”

In its initial phases, the project will be only available to the students of the King’s College London, however, the organizers are optimistic that the initiative will gain momentum with time and also see the participation of other universities.

What Would Blockchain A-Z Work Shop Offer?

The free workshop is aimed at exploring various aspects of the Distributed Ledger Technology, be it technical aspects or the business aspect of the decentralized technology. The workshop is open to all students from various academic disciplines. The workshop would also shed some light on the limitations of the blockchain and the barriers that come up in its adoption

The participating students also stand a chance to apply for the Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Program, with a pool of $5 million for blockchain development.

This can prove to be a great opportunity for students to understand the DLT technology and its impact on the current world. And what could be better than one of the leading blockchain developing firm teaching you the various niches of a technology which is being speculated to bring in the next industrial revolution.

The free Blockchain A-Z workshop can also prove beneficial for the Zilliqa as it is hoping to attract future blockchain developers to the ecosystem through its program.

Final Thoughts

A free workshop on blockchain coming from the heart of Ziliqa could start a similar and necessary trend, as the majority of the population are unaware of the technology and even those who have heard of it does not understand the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrencies.