Blockchain Infrastructure

Zhuling Chen’s Aelf Could Change The Way We View Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain, Public Blockchain, Private Blockchain, Consortium Blockchain… We all have heard about them, and about their working.

Needless to say, industry veterans have begun to realize that they can’t just blockchain everything. Indeed, blockchain is working pretty well in most of the aspects and widely being adopted. But, people have to understand this that we can’t blockchain all the things. And there are plenty of reasons for this.

An MIT graduate and the co-founder of Aelf, Zhuling Chen believes that there are some key use cases where the blockchain works and where it doesn’t. Realizing the proper use cases of Blockchain Technology, Chen has come up with an all new idea of his own to make the technology work even better. To him, the major indicator of blockchain necessity is the value of information being stored and moved.

What Zhuling Chen’s Aelf Project Is All About?

Aelf is an exclusive project of Zhuling Chen that, he believes, could ultimately change the way everyone view Blockchain infrastructure. According to the reports, Chen sincerely wants to develop a consumer friendly blockchain operating system with high reliability.

The project’s primary difference from NEO or Ethereum is an all new way of designing a blockchain. Instead of getting everything confirmed in the main blockchain similar to that of with Ethereum, Aelf intends to create a multi-chain architecture, in which both private as well as public side chains can run their own nodes for processing their transaction. The reason behind this is that Aelf is willing to have incredibly high transaction-per-second capacity.

In Zhuling Chen’s Words

“We want to be a very powerful smart contract platform from a public blockchain point of view. What we fundamentally believe is that if we have thousands of applications in the future, they should not be put on one blockchain, because that just gets messy and it’s just and none of the applications have the guarantee of their performance. That’s why for Aelf, the first thing we did is to establish a multi-chain structure.”