Youth Critical To Developing Cryptocurrencies: Numerous Examples Indicate

Recently, when we attended the Global Blockchain Congress of Kolkata recently as a part of Team BTCWIRES, we heard an intriguing comment from one of the delegates present. While networking, a representative of Nettantra Technologies commented that the crypto world was overwhelmingly youth-oriented. That comment, as well as numerous examples and incidents indicate how massive a role the young millennials can play in taking the crypto world forward.

The latest example of a young enthusiast introducing a smart innovation in the crypto world comes from Hong Kong. A twenty year old student called Kenta Iwasaki has taken it upon himself to raise $50 million in funds that will help build a cryptocurrency marketplace. The marketplace will be driven by a blockchain technology design created by the young student himself. This cryptocurrency marketplace is to be called Perlin. Iwasaki is quite the veteran when it comes to technology and subsequently, fintech. He has been working on building software projects since he was of the tender age of just eight. Now, he is not just selling software but also trying to pull the world of crypto out of the pit of stagnancy that threatens to swallow it. He says:

“There really needs to be something new, a new flavour to what you can do with cryptocurrency. Otherwise, the technology will be wasted on basic coin exchange.”

Iwasaki is far from being the only young genius out to transform the crypto world. Before him, we have seen trailblazers like Vitalik Buterin stir up a storm in the field. Despite being all of 24 years old, Buterin is one of the main brains behind Ethereum, a blockchain network that have managed to take the technology beyond just cryptocurrencies, to make novelties like blockchain smart contracts, dApps a reality. Moreover, names like Elizabeth Stark, the woman behind the Lightning Labs, is also a young enthusiast who has made it to the Forbes list of Ledger 40-under-40.

All these examples show that cryptocurrency, which is a technology meant for the millennial age, needs more impetus from the youth to take it forward. The examples of young crypto billionaires and experts are numerous and goes to show how their smart, positive, streamlined and motivated thinking can transform the world of cryptocurrencies.