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Young Female Entrepreneur Devises China’s First Blockchain Social Network

BTC Wires: Women who are determined to create, often come up with incredible innovations. Xu Ke, a 24 year old from Beijing, has emerged as an epitome of this saying. She is the founder of a Chinese Startup that has successfully built China’s first blockchain-based decentralized social network.

The decentralized network of this social platform would ensure that users own the right to the content that they post. Xu Ke is extremely serious about data rights and she has reiterated before; “We don’t have the rights to sell user data and our users have the rights to determine what they want to do with their data,”

The platform gained popularity when the beta version of the ONO dapp was launched and Xu Ke was being called “the first person in blockchain social networking.” She has been in the tech sector for a long time. She previously headed Cryptodogs which is the Chinese version of the very famous blockchain game called Cryptokitties.

The vision behind Ono is to come up with a platform that will eliminate the process of shelling out cash to get more followers or traction. This way the users who provide good content but can’t afford to market it properly, lose out on viewership. Xu feels,

“This kind of centralized platform and over-commercialization approach hurts content creators. On a decentralized platform like ONO to make a profit, all you need to do is to create content.”

Ono is now available on both Google Play store, and the iOS version coming this month. It “is run democratically, and lets content creators retain ownership over their content and get rewarded,” says Xu. A  digital token is awarded to users who provide quality content and that works as an incentive for the users to work harder. It is commendable what Xu has achieved at the young age of 24.