yahoo crypto trading app

Yahoo crypto trading options limited to iOS users only.

Yahoo! Finance, a media property that is part of the Yahoo!’s network provides financial news, data and commentary including stock quotes, press releases, financial reports, and original content.

With Crypto on the verge of making another breakthrough on the internet. It has managed to seek the constant attention of the world leaders towards it.

Yahoo, one of the global majors on providing web services, has decided to roll out buy and sell options of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC)  yesterday, email clarification to Cointelegraph from Yahoo stated that, at the moment, its new service would only be available on its iOS app.


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The declaration from Yahoo amid various Tweets also indicated that the service appeared to be available on the desktop version of Yahoo finance.

Though the service seems to be legit for now, Yahoo finance added that it would expand it to the reach of Android, desktop and mobile web platform users in the future.

Yahoo, once considered to be a giant in the world of internet, seems to drag down amongst the leaders like Google. However there may have been few product reasons, strategic reasons and cultural reasons, they seem to make a comeback with the revolutionary crypto world.

Yahoo Finance has still proved to put some trust among their users as it provides a platform to access the economic and financial world news. It is a leader in its field globally. Their move towards the lustrous crypto trading might help them to get the necessary recovery needed after the downfall.

what is bitcoin?The news site started the new feature via a partnership with Tradeit, a platform that merges with brokerage service to act as a hub for trading financial assets. The association initiated with Tradeit in September 2017 allowing users to do the in-app trading of traditional financial assets limiting to only viewing of prices and portfolio performance of the crypto world. The use of this feature will require to link a broker account via Tradeit.

At their time with the press, there was no explanation as to why the service is available only to iOS users, but their vision of taking it to the global level and covering all possible platform was promising.

Yahoo Finance first started tracking bitcoin`s price in 2014 as reported by CoinDesk. The company also expanded the price-tracking service to cover over 100 cryptocurrencies across all platforms globally.  

The future of crypto looks fruitful for its users as well as their hosts.