Yacht Owners Stand To Earn Cryptocurrency In Exchange For Sharing Geo Data

We have heard of cryptocurrency being offered as an incentive for various reasons, but have you heard of someone earning crypto for sharing Geodata? I am assuming that you haven’t.

There is a firm called BoatPilot, which aims at improving navigation systems. It has recently decided to offer Yacht owners cryptocurrencies in exchange for Geodata.

BoatPilot is known for offering free marine navigation service to the private and commercial yachting market. They are very good at what they do. The data that they offer is accurate and up-to-date. It also additionally includes user-generated photos, routes, and comments that have been verified by the yachting community.

It is safe to say that anyone looking for accurate navigation guides while taking their yacht out, can always rely on BoatPilot. This data that the firm offers is in the form of Augmented Reality [AR] support.

For those not familiar with the concept, AR support essentially means that this data can be included into the navigation environment to detect any distractions and accurately navigate in the dark.

Usually this data that the firm has at its disposal, is collected from different sailors who contribute their Geodata. Now it has been always noticed that people contribute more when they have incentives. Which is why, BoatPilot has decided to offer the sailors cryptocurrency as an incentive in exchange for contributing data.

This is a great idea to encourage more people to contribute geodata and make the navigation system more full proof. This idea can also be implemented across various sectors in order to encourage people to contribute to something positive.

Through this brilliant idea of crowd sourcing, BoatPilot aims to guarantee regular updates of information on sea ports and other known places. This is relayed to users quickly, to help keep yachtsmen and their passengers safe. This system will go  long way towards protecting the yachting community.