XRP Ledger’s New Update Has Some Amazing Features

Paul Anderson, Ripple’s Sr. Product Manager (SPM), has shared the new updates for XRP Ledger development. He claims that a few of the new astonishing features will be appreciated by coders as well as users very soon.

New Release Will Have Amazing Features

According to a post by its SPM, new packages for XRP Ledger v1.5.0 have been made accessible since a week ago. In these packages, the rationale of the intranetwork collaboration has been reconsidered.

Probably the most significant updates incorporate the propelled API toolbox and Remote Procedure Calls (RPC and gRPC) activities, the command line interface (CLI), and the convention handshaking logic. All of these have been raised to the new level.

One week from now, Ripple’s variant of this release will be uploaded to the XRP Ledger Testnet, which is operated by Xpring Team at Ripple. Subsequently, developers will have the option to look at their applications with test XRP coins.

Foundation Reorganization and Plebiscite

One more update for this variant of the XRP Ledger will take place one week from now. The Xpring Team will launch the update of its XRP Ledger Mainnet servers. Clusters and Validators will be influenced by this update. Voting on Ripple’s protocol corrections will likewise be launched in accordance with their server updates.

To wrap things up, the next version of the software, XRP Ledger v1.6.0, will be launched in Beta (unstable). In this way, the Xpring Team will welcome developers to the updated XRP Ledger Devnet condition to discover new opportunities by themselves.