X-Hive Beta Launch

X-Hive Announces its Beta Launch Today, Introduces Desktop Wallet App

A new decentralized crypto exchange, X-Hive, has announced its beta launch earlier today. The crypto exchange platform is aimed at being the fastest in the world while offering the most crypto pairs for trading in a safe environment.

X-Hive has released its desktop wallet app for both Windows and Mac to connect with the users in a convenient manner. Entirely built on top of the Bexam network, X-Hive benefits from an environment that’s not just designed for high-frequency transactions but also capable of handling up to 40 million TPS. Offering 24*7 customer support, X-Hive strives to solve the downside of the decentralized exchange with the centralized benefit in the form of speed, support and scalability.

According to the reports, the initial beta release will support BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH, with additional digital currencies to follow soon. Users can use their X-Hive account ID and Password to login to their wallet app and begin trading.

Two Popular Modes of X-Hive Exchange

There are generally two modes to trade with –

Basic Mode – Wallet App

The primary mode allows users to deposit, withdraw, buy and sell digital currency. It is designed for those who would like to trade in no time.

Advanced Mode – Web Browser

The advanced mode is quite suited for professional traders who’d like to analyze and review 24 hours trading volume and charts.

What Makes X-Hive Stand Out?

  • X-Hive users can control their asset in an extremely secure environment.
  • Cryptocurrency pairs include BCH/ETH, LTC/ETH, BCH/BTC, LTC/BTC, ETH/BTC to start, and will soon be followed by more pairs in the future.
  • The trading fee is at a flat rate of 0.05% amid the beta phase.

Chika Ota, the CEO of X-Hive, said –

“Our new generation cryptocurrency exchange platform feels nothing like a decentralized exchange. It’s THAT good. We invite all cryptonians to trade on our Beta version to know what we are all about.”