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World’s First Cross-Chain Wallet, Theia, Announces Beta Test, to Support Bitcoin

World’s very first cross-chain wallet and user-directed ICO launch platform, Theia Wallet has announced the open 1.0 version beta test which supports BTC. The Theia cross chain wallet is a multi crypto asset management digital wallet and it is used as a traffic portal to provide solutions for ecological landing applications and user assets management.

Theia wallet is based on Wanchain cross-chain technology, and it already supports tokens issued by Wanchain and Ethereum. It achieves interconnection with more Blockchains apart from Wanchain. The wallet will be supporting all the digital assets in the Wanchain ecosystem, and it will also enable cross chain digital transactions of digital assets.

Cross chain is a complex process where the technical implementation is about the acquisition as well as verification of chain to chain information. This requires the nodes to have independent verification abilities.

In Wanchain’s cross chain mechanism, the cross chain transaction provides the proof that rather than being a single entity, the node is a consensus group. In order to verify the finality as well as the legality of the of transaction of the other chain, the method of choice is the consensus mechanism as it can work effectively around the imperfections. When it comes to the assurance of security, Wanchain deploys consensus by integrating cryptographically secure multi-party computing and thresholding mechanisms. In order to generate the private and public keys for locking accounts, the participants must take part in the calculation.

The private key of the locked accounts is technically only theoretical. It is distributed in the hands of every locked account management node, and it participates in the account control process via multi-party computing. Hence, the Theia Wallet (based on Wanchain cross chain technology) has realised cross chain trading. By interfacing with multiple crypto assets across the blockchain, Theia ensures the management of co existence of multiple digital crypto assets and wallets on different chains. Thus, it helps in promoting the positive development of blockchain projects.

The Founder of Theia, Jin Huayue, was quoted as saying:

“We always insist on emphasizing technology and true value. The model of Internet technology development will be reproduced in the blockchain. As a developer who is enthusiastic about technology, we should continue to improve and expand the functionality of this technology and explore more possibility. The vision of Theia is to achieve the circulation of digital assets, virtual goods, physical asset warrants, etc. And it will serve the global production, consumption and trade field widely, in order to achieve the integration and circulation of multi-category digital assets, to explore the new value of economics and sociology.”