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Women Rising Up The Ranks In a Male Dominated Industry?

Binance US has announced the name of their new CEO, and the position has been accepted by Catherine Coley. Coley who was previously Ripple’s Institutional Liquidity executive, has once again emerged as an example of how women can conquer a traditionally male dominated industry, if given the right opportunities.

The announcement came from BAM, which is the company under which the Binance subsidiary will be operating. It is indeed a news that calls for celebration as we can gradually see more women occupying positions at the top, in a typically male dominated industry.

Women have traditionally been sidelined or cast aside when hiring for top positions in the crypto industry. Most often they are not considered worthy enough to occupy the top level positions in the tech industry. However, that perception is now gradually changing.

Coley is an excellent candidate for the job, having a stellar background record and a whole lot of experience. She has worked extensively in the field of cryptocurrency liquidity provisions, and also FX industry. She was previously the Foreign Exchange Advisor (VP) for Silicon Valley Bank.

The community is expecting a lot of great work from Coley who promises to bring her unique skill set and fresh energy into the job. The market is mostly in the shadows about what to expect from Binance US, which is why it seems that most of the speculation in the market remains largely unfounded in nature.

With this, and a few other instances of women rising up the ranks, we can finally see a change taking place in the industry. The market is expecting Coley to grow Binance US and help it reach the heights that it has promised to reach. We now have to wait and see how well she performs at her new role.