Women In India Can Now Explore Careers In Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has erupted in today’s modern age. It is everywhere, and every one wants to experiment with this revolutionary, new-age technology. The demand for blockchain developers is at an all time high according to a LinkedIn report.

Women too are making waves in this industry, and claiming new opportunities which were previously closed off to them. More people are gradually agreeing to the myriad reasons, Why We Need More Women in Blockchain Industry.

Indian women can now also explore this industry and take hold of novel opportunities that are opening up to them. The efforts of the Government of India’s Skill India Mission Skill Centres, has been assisting women, in acquiring new skills in the fields of manufacturing, automation, blockchain, among others.

Blockchain technology, which is being used by governments, banks and giant corporations in day to day activities, could prove to be a bedrock for the digital age in India that the current government is envisioning.

India is definitely keeping up with the times. India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 2018 reported that the number of highly skilled technical graduates in India is growing at a rate of 7% per year. The startup industry too is growing at an unprecedented rate.

However, the supply for such highly skilled developers is less at the moment, whereas the demand is high. So it is a great area for women to explore, especially if they are interested in the tech industry. Most startups are looking to hire individuals who are skilled in blockchain technology.

Women have a massive sea of opportunities in front of them which they can definitely explore. More blockchain related academic courses should be encouraged in the universities and colleges across the country, so as to help both men and women hone their skills and understand this new technology better.