Wire Summit 2018

Wire Summit: A Roundup Of The Star Studded Conference on 2nd December

All good things come to an end, and all great things just have a beginning. Wire Summit was the beginning of something exciting, ambitious and adventurous for the BTC Wires family. Bringing together industry stalwarts, blockchain enthusiasts, venture capitalists, tech entrepreneurs under one roof and simulating a one day conference successfully is no easy task. But we are proud to announce, that the event proved to be a massive success as per the feedback of our attendees.

We had insightful sessions lined up throughout the day. We kicked off with the keynote speech by our beloved CEO, Jatin Madhra. Following that, the co founder of Dunya Labs, Cathy Guo took the stage and talked about the importance of blockchain technology.

“The main objective of Wire Summit is to promote, facilitate and execute investments into blockchain based Startups and DApp Projects. The event will be one of its kind in India, largest in terms of investor relations in Blockchain Sector,”

said Vinay Nair, Managing Partner at Nair Ventures speaking at the event.

Mr J.A. Chowdhury, IT Advisor and Special Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh, shed some light on the importance of incorporating technology and especially blockchain, to facilitate the growth of India and promote the Prime Minister’s vision of a Digital India.


A brilliant panel discussion was moderated by Abhishek Kishore Gupta on “A Decentralised Future”. Giacomo Arcaro and Giovanni Casagrande were the esteemed panelists for this event. They outlined advisor, network & capital as key ingredients of a successful blockchain project.


Another incredible panel discussion consisted of investors Utsav Somani and Mohak Agarwal. It was moderated by Daniel Steeves and they discussed “Investments in Blockchain.”


There was an interactive session during lunch which witnessed an eclectic group of people intermingling and sharing ideas. Post-lunch, a very relevant and important session was delivered by Varun Sethi, founder of Blockchain Lawyer, on the “Regulatory Framework of Blockchain in India.” He debunked some popular myths on blockchain and crypto like tax evasion.


We were also privileged to have a live video conference with industry expert Simon Cocking who was gracious enough to address the gathering all the way from the States.


In the past, we have extensively covered companies working towards incorporating blockchain technology to ensure food safety. The session on the same by Anand Dholi, Technological Evangelist at Farm2Kitchen, propagated the very important message of fighting fake food with blockchain.


It was this and much more at the first and foremost investor edition of Wire Summit 2018. It only gets bigger and better from here.