Winners Announced For Hard Fork Decentralized’s Pitch Battle

Nothing short of being blockchain technology’s Shark Tank of sorts, Hard Fork Decentralized’s first round of pitch battle saw its first set of winners being crowned last night. As an audience full of blockchain enthusiasts, experts and journalists watched on, the contestants took to the stage to utilize the few minutes they had for convincing judges that their startup’s idea of using blockchain was the best of the lot. Of them, only the top three took laurels home, along with attractive prizes.

There were 11 start-ups vying for the top spot and these included AlpRockz, Blockdata, Netherstorm, Mobs, DEIP and more. We are well aware of the many use cases of blockchain technology and these startups attempted to give a whole new spin to such use cases to come up with their own. While some proposed using blockchain technology to monetize content produced by users of the platform, another elaborated on their plan to tokenize the production of renewable energy.

The innovative pitches were judged by Mahoney Turnbull, a blockchain consultant; Tomer Federman, known for founding Federman Capital; On Yavin, the founder of CEO of Cointelligence and Stefan Heilman, the MD of the IEG investment bank. These experts adjudged Netherstorm the best of the lot, and gave AlpRockz and DEIP the second and third places respectively.

Netherstorm At The Top

Netherstorm enthralled judges and audience members by pitching their unique idea. They are trying to create a next generation platform for distributing blockchain-based games, and attempting to reach out to a large target audience by using a storefront run on the Ethereum blockchain.

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AlpRockz: A Close Second

Closely tailing Netherstorm, Alprockz came second with their intriguing claim of building the most bulletproof cryptocurrency in the world. What does it mean? Well, they are the people behind stablecoin Rockz that is backed by the Swiss Franc. In our discussion about stablecoins earlier, we have seen how stablecoins are usually just pegged to the value of a fiat currency. However, Rockz does not work that way. Every single Rockz coin is backed by a Swiss Franc held in reserve, making it a rather interesting offering.

DEIP Manages To Clinch the Third Spot

DEIP managed to remain in the list of winners by promoting their idea of a platform that would make academic publications an easier affair to manage. The platform will attract funding for scholarly works, reward for peer reviewers etc.

The Rewards

The winner was given two startup tickets, and the opportunity of partaking in an exhibition booth in TNW’s flagship conference to be held in May 2019. The second and third runners up were both given a start-up ticket each for the TNW Conference of 2019.