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Will ReddCoin Define Digital Socialization in 2019?

In the times of today, users are increasingly seeking rewards for their interactions on social media platforms.

Just recently, the networking giant Facebook integrated distinct sounds to its interaction buttons of like, share, and comment.

The cryptocurrency ReddCoin is entering the marketing at just the right time when netizens across the globe are opening up to the use of cryptocurrencies in their day to day lives.

The platform ReddCoin and its co-existing RDD coin are developed to reward users for social activities.

To begin using the RDD coin, a user is required to download the ReddCoin Wallet and subsequently link it to their social media accounts.

Will ReddCoin gain traction in 2019?

ReddCoin’s price was volatile in 2018, just like any other cryptocurrency in the market. It appears that 2019 might just be the year when the reward currency gains traction.

The reason behind this assumption is that as compared to its competitor Steem, ReddCoin encompasses most of the social networks (Facebook and few other platforms, however, are yet to give their approval).

As has been the trend in the past, the prices of cryptocurrencies are also dependent on their publicity. It is interesting to note that ReddCoin is not much publicized at the moment by its creators.

Once the RDD reaches the right amount of publicity amongst the crypto community, it is slated to grow in popularity, which will consequently result in a surge in its prices.

Will Facebook change the face of ReddCoin?

While Facebook may not be giving a go-ahead to ReddCoin for integration on the world’s largest social media network, however, once approved by the networking giant, ReddCoin will witness massive adoption by the billions of users of Facebook.


It appears that ReddCoin is slowly inching towards controlling the social networking realm of the internet. The launch of the ReddCoin Tipping Extension and Platform is a step in the right direction as it facilitates the synchronization of all social media accounts.

If it is publicized well then ReddCoin will gain the required traction in 2019 and Facebook’s nod will be the cherry on the top as it will give the platform the much-needed boost towards mass adoption.