Will iPhones Have Crypto Wallets Soon?

The crypto industry, as it is seemingly reaching a phase of maturity, is seeing increasing interest from major players in the tech space. Now, reports suggest that tech behemoth Apple is also dipping its toes in the crypto waters by considering the launch of crypto wallets as a part of its flagship iPhones. The year 2019 has already seen tech biggies like Facebook and Microsoft make forays into the crypto space and Apple’s entry could herald a new era for the industry.

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If rumours doing the rounds are true, Apple might soon allow its iPhone users to avail of a Bitcoin wallet service from the comfort and ease of their phones. This might possibly even allow them to store some of their altcoins securely. In this way, users would be able to make online purchases that allow crypto payments, directly from their phone wallets.

A week back, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) witnessed the launch of Apple’s CryptoKit. Meant for developers, the CryptoKit will be a part of iOs 13 and will allow developers to create hashes for public and private keys, and digital signatures. Basically, this will enable the devices to be used for storing and using crypto.

Apple itself has not yet confirmed or denied whether or not it plans to provide iPhone users with the crypto wallet facility. However, if the development were to happen, it would not be too unheard of, considering Samsung and HTC have both done something similar with their smartphones.

Putting crypto wallets into smartphones can be a great way to boost crypto adoption, especially considering how ubiquitous these devices are in today’s day-to-day life. Apple usually tends to be quite secretive about its grand plans and it will probably be a while till we figure out what exactly was up its sleeves all along. Even so, with these rumours doing the rounds, we cannot help but be excited!