Will Institutional Traders Finally Embrace Crypto With The New LGO Markets-XTRD Partnership?

A new crypto collab has been announced as digital asset trading platform LGO Markets tied up with XTRD, a modern tech firm meant to allow institutional users easy access to the crypto market. With this new partnership, it is hoped that digital assets will get a greater degree of support from institutional traders, something that is considered absolutely imperative in pushing crypto’s adoption forward.

As Yahoo’s Jerry Yang recently commented, both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are incredible technologies that deserve a great deal of our attention but are nevertheless dependant on institutional adoption for a credible foundation. We can only hope that this particular partnership will pave the way for that.

What about the companies involved? What do they really do? Well, LGO Markets is a secure, transparent and most importantly non-custodial trading platform meant for digital assets. Credibly compliant and flexible in terms of providing trading for both fiat and crypto, this particular platform specifically targets institutional investors when it comes to marketing its services.

XTRD, on the other hand, is a technology firm that is trying to come up with a new framework that would allow institutional traders, banks and hedge funds to easily access cryptocurrency markets, buying and selling crypto coins with ease.

Now, this partnership, whereby LGO Markets will be integrated into the XTRD ecosystem, will ensure that users can gain easy access to real-time market information and execution data of the exchange through a unified Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Application Programming Interface (API).

In return, what the LGO Markets will do is it will closely monitor the customer servicing of XTRD clients.

Speaking about the collaboration, Serg Gulko, who serves as the CTO of teh XTRD tech firm said:

“When we just started our dialog, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact, that the entire solution was being built by traditionally good French engineers. Besides technological stack, LGO Markets is taking seriously on regulations what is good for company and industry as a whole. Over the time we discovered that we might have much more to work in common besides FIX API integration.”

The CEO of LGO Markets, Hugo Renaudin also made a statement, expressing his delight at having clinched this deal and his optimism for the future the two firms have together. He said:

“We’re extremely excited to partner with XTRD, a leading infrastructure provider for traders in the cryptocurrency space. We both share the same passion for good products and excellent engineering. As our ambition is to become the reference institutional platform for trading, clearing, and settlement of digital assets, it only makes sense to work with XTRD which will provide institutional grade access to our platform.”