Will Blockchain Engineers Soon Make More Money Than AI Experts?

Blockchain, the highly disruptive technology that is finding a wide application in every sector, is a very lucrative technology. Which is probably why it is being observed that blockchain engineers are making some serious money these days.

Even though the market is extremely volatile when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the salaries of blockchain engineers has seen a constant upward rise. According to sources, blockchain engineers are making something between $150,000 and $175,000 on an average. Now compare this to the average income of a software engineer which is somewhere around $135,000, and you will realise that the former are making quite the money.

These stats are provided by Hired which is a company based out of San Francisco that helps clients recruit candidates with a tech background. These stats are based on the data that this company has compiled via its services.

According to these numbers, it is clear that the salaries for blockchain engineers is almost at par with artificial intelligence developers, who are the most specialized group of tech candidates that any company can hire.

As and when large companies like IBM, Amazon, Google etc. look to explore blockchain technology, the need and demand for engineers with a blockchain background keeps rising, therby increasing their market value.

According to Hired, when they added blockchain as a sub-role to its service at the end of 2017, they observed a 400 per cent rise in postings for jobs that were looking for blockchain engineers o employees with a knowledge of blockchain.

Mehul Patel, the CEO of Hired stated

“There’s a ton of demand for blockchain. Software engineers are in very short supply, but this is even more acute and that’s why salaries are even higher.”

Although these postings do not explicitly say ‘blockchain engineer’ and use other names like back-end engineer, systems engineer or solutions architect, they almost always have blockchain listed as a desired skill.

Patel said,

“There’s a mindset here of taking a long-term view of planning. If you’re going to build blockchain technology, you have to get that talent.”

To answer the question then, yes, it is very possible that in the near future, blockchain engineers might rake in more cash than AI developers. We just have to wait and see now.