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Wien Energie Partners With Bosch To Create Blockchain Refrigerator

Wien Energie, Austria’s largest energy producer has teamed up with the tech giants Bosch technologies to create one of kind product, a Blockchain Refrigerator. The announcement was made recently during the ANON Blockchain Summit being held in Austria.

As per the reports, the two partners have joined hands to use decentralized technology to create one of a kind product. The product does not have anything to do with the cryptocurrencies, but its a mere attempt to educate and raise consumer interest towards sustainable use of energy.

The refrigerator would purely work on the green energy either taken from the solar power panel or wind power plant to run the fridge, and users can track the source of the energy consumed by the refrigerator, making an interesting project for the consumers.

The refrigerator can be controlled using an application on your smartphone, using which you can control various activities like changing the temperature, check whether the doors are locked or not, as well as trace the source of your energy being consumed by the refrigerator.

Although the product is not yet available for sale, it is being speculated that a finished product will be launched after c0mplete testing and a few upgrades to make it more interesting for the consumers.

Blockchain For Cleaner And Greener Energy

Peter Gönitzer, the CEO of Wien Energie believes decentralization can help energy providers to track where the consumers are wasting the energy and help them create more sophisticated greener products to ensure a sustainable future.

Wien Energy is looking to implement decentralization in the energy sector and planning to start various pilot projects in association with tech giants like Bosch and Riddle & Code.  While Bosch is already helping the company to create energy efficient refrigerators, the aim with Riddle & Code is to do things on a larger scale. Riddle & Code will be used for large scale urban development.

The company has already initiated pilot run for urban areas with 100 residents being chosen for the initial phase where they would be using smart energy and if the project turns out to be a success, it might get implemented on a larger scale.

Apart from creating smart energy products and services, the Wien Energie is also working with blockchain based electric cars, and the pilot project is already under trials in association with Riddle & Code in Vienna.