women in crypto

Why We Need More Women in Blockchain Industry

The ever-evolving Blockchain industry needs increased participation from women. In this news article, we discuss why women are so essential to the world of Blockchain.

Women should be a part of every revolution, and Blockchain is one of them

Bitcoin’s inception brought with itself the idea of money that is resistant to censorship. Bitcoin’s underlying technology Blockchain is unique as it is permissionless in nature.

For Blockchain technology to be useful in everyday life, it is essential that everyone uses it. Leaving women (who form half the population of the planet) out of the Blockchain-driven value revolution would be a big debacle.

Blockchain revolution will not be able to transform the world unless women play a critical role in it.

Serving the underserved

It is also interesting to note that permissionless and decentralized technology has been instrumental in bringing the underserved under financial inclusion.

Unfortunately, in many countries in the world, women form a part of this underserved population. Hence, Blockchain can help uplift women and bring them into the financial economy of the world.

Crypto community is mostly male

Up till date, the participants in the crypto economy have been majorly male.

As per the data by Google Analytics, only 8.78% of all the Bitcoin users are female.

Women lag behind in STEM fields

You may wonder why men are the major participants in the Blockchain field. The reason for the disparity between males and females in the Blockchain and crypto world can be attributed to men’s increased participation in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. While Blockchain is still in its nascent stages, it does fall under the same spectrum of fields.


Encouragement of women is very essential to increase their participation in the field of potentially revolutionary Blockchain Technology. With their different perspective, leadership by women will be able to bring more innovation to the Blockchain industry.