New Bitcoin Trend

Who Predicted This New Bitcoin Trend?

There have been so many predictions coming every now and then, and we always take notice of the same. Tim Draper, John McAfee, Charlie Lee are the some who get the limelight on the matter. At the same time, it is always true, that many of the predictions have failed to satisfy individuals.

Well, there is a person who has nearly 4 decades of trading experience, and who correctly predicted the 80% price drop of bitcoin in 2018, predicted this new bitcoin trade a month ago which appears to be happening currently.

Peter Brandt is the guy who made a prediction last month that Bitcoin was entering a parabolic trend anytime soon. And, the same happened.

The veteran trader has also written a book titled “The Diary of a Professional Commodities Trader.” He tweeted on April 5th about the possibility of a parabolic trend of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin broke past the $6,200 mark, and now it is sitting just under $6,300. Currently, investors are looking forward to what may be the start of a bull run, a possibility which many experts, as well as analysts, have projected, incorporating Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, who has also said that a fair price for BTC is roughly $14,800.

The signs are certainly looking suitable for the market currently as more and more indicators are pointing towards a bull run. Binance revealed that they are looking towards more order numbers than amid the peak period of January 2018, while Fundstrat itself believes a lot of technical indicators point towards Bitcoin’s bull run.