Where Will You Find The Highest Concentration of Blockchain Jobs?

As per a recent report released by The NextWeb (TNW), the United States apparently offers the highest number of job openings in the field of blockchain technology. This report was published by the tech and business-focused publication on the 8th of March. The report is based upon data sourced from a web-based hiring and recruitment service called Glassdoor.

TNW investigated the availability of blockchain-related jobs all over in the world and surveyed listings on Glassdoor using relevant keywords. Apparently, the search returned the results wherein the largest chunk of blockchain jobs were being found in the US.

In fact, the number of jobs available in the US relevant to this particular field account for half of all the job positions available relevant to this emerging tech. It boasts of a total of 2,616 total job openings in the sector, over the assessed period.

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The United Kingdom follows the US somewhat distantly on this count, offering a little more than one thousand job positions relevant to the technology. India occupies the third position on the list, having just about 257 listings.

Of all the different vacancies listed on Glassdoor, the role of Blockchain Engineer seems to be the most coveted and highly sought after. The other job titles that are also in moderate to high demand include “Blockchain Developer” and “Senior Software Engineer”.

The company that offers the largest number of openings in the field is tech behemoth IBM. The data about companies offering blockchain-related jobs has been covered in another recent report, according to which, Ernst and Young (E&Y) trails closely after IBM.

Oracle, a software developing company, has taken the third spot on this count. The demand for blockchain engineers has supposedly risen by a whopping 517% over a period of just one year. However, only 3 of the leading 10 companies also deal with cryptocurrencies alongside blockchain.