What New Developments With TRON (TRX) Has Got The Market Excited?

Tron has some exciting new announcements which has the market in a tizzy. Giving in to popular demands by the market, Tron has enhanced the Tronwallet by integrating TronWallet Decentralized exchange (DEX) as a latest update being offered by the wallet, worldwide. Google and Apple are making sure that the app is available to the general userbase.

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Tron has also confirmed the launch of SEED token on the DEX, in line with Tronwallet’s  partnership with Sesameseed communities. The SEED token has been paired with Tronix to give rise to TRX/SEED, and the other pair consists of Tronix and Tronwallet (TWX) tokens to form TRX/TWX. Back in October, TronWatch had released a demo of the new decentralized market.

The Tronwallet DEX can be compared with Bancor Exchange, since the former resembles the latter in terms of style and fundamental functions. It however offers certain novel features which are being really appreciated by the market.

To begin with, it is extremely user-friendly and it has the simplicity which Tronwallet is known for, as they both have an identical style and interface. Next, the security offered by the wallet is impeccable, as the exchnage is minutely int.egrated with the user’s wallet. the users can directly trade within the wallet and that obliterates the need to copy and paste any public addresses. This ensures that transfer mistakes do not take place.

Finally, the users who have been previously exposed to Tronwallet, can navigate the exchnage quite seamlessly. Thus they do not need to research or equip themselves with any new knowledge about the exchnage.

The launch of Tronwallet DEX is a huge step ahead for the entire community of  Tronwallet. No one can deny the massive security benefits that are attached to this move and the subsequent trust that users can place in the system, when trading or transacting the TRX, SEED, TWX and a plethora of other tokens.

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