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What Does John Carvalho Have To Say About Bitcoin Cash And Roger Ver?

The CCO of Bitrefill, John Carvalho, and an advocate of Bitcoin [BTC] has time and again noted that all hard fork coins are scams. In a recent talk session, on ‘’, he reiterated a similar sentiment and said that Roger Ver strongly backing Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and the cryptocurrency exchange Bitmain was likely to have developed from the aspect of ego, take control, and strategic perspective.

Roger Ver has repeatedly voiced his opinions about how Bitcoin’s block size was a significant setback for the network. Carvalho, however, is of the idea that block size cannot be the only factor for the BCH proponent to provide support to the forked coin. The SegWit protocol update, according to Carvalho has been successful in increasing the block size even as it did not increase it repeatedly. He also noted that Bitcoin was finding it “hard” to increase its block size frequently.

Sensing a hidden agenda behind supporting the forked coin, Carvalho aka BitcoinErrorLog said that Ver’s motivations behind backing BCH were a “mystery” to him. As per the Bitcoin enthusiast, if Ver can own, the Bitcoin handle on Twitter, and have significant mining hash power, then it is likely that they [Roger Ver] can sell those “fake Bitcoins” to people.

He even went on to even say that BCH is a fraudulent coin and that if people wanted to invest in such inferior coins, there were many such options in the market excluding BCH. He firmly believes that no one should hold the Bitcoin hard fork coins or deal in it.

According to the CCO, so long as the network has appropriate liquidity, time and transaction fees for the transfer of value, its execution can be carried on with success by even an inferior network. However, he did vouch for Bitcoin for the purpose of the storing value or building things on top of the blockchain network.