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WeatherSV, An Experimental Project To Help Farmers In Australia

WeatherSV, which is an Australian experimental weather project designed to serve Queensland’s farming community, is helping farmers to access essential data through the Bitcoin BSV blockchain.

This has been created by IT professional Paul Chiari, a strong advocate of using agricultural technology in order to support his local community, in the case farmers. WeatherSV was the product of his experimentation with data distribution and storage on the blockchain.

Chiari has found BSV blockchain as an ideal medium for storing date fed back through IoT devices located on surrounding farms, enabling him to utilise this data along with weather information collected from 40,000 weather stations around the world.

Users, thus will now be able to add their nearest weather station to access the output of the network and stored data by paying an equivalent of AUD 5 in BSV, using Moneybutton. Various channels have now been opened and are growing all the time, recently including membership in Guinea and China.

Chairi was astounded at how quickly his project grew and now sees 50,000 transactions a day as quite possible with 12,000 at present:

“We just did this as a hobby project… We did it for a bit of a laugh. The heavy lifting is being done and doing this stuff and learning as you go and experiment with it, it’s fantastic… The heavy lifting is being done, and you’ve just got to jump on board and have a go.”

However, with Binance and Shapeshift dumping Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV) and then Kraken following suit, things don’t look too promising for the controversial crypto moving forward since Bitcoin SV forked from Bitcoin Cash in November of last year its been on a downward spiral. Although the network is operating, it is diminutive by comparison to Bitcoin, with 500 nodes compared to Bitcoin’s 9,000 plus. Its centralised hashpower is also of some concern as roughly 60% of BSV’s hash rate is by Craig Wright-supported CoinGeek and nChain.