Coinbase Wallet

Wealthfront Announces Its Integration Support To Coinbase Wallets

The automated investment service firm, Wealthfront has recently made an announcement through a blog post that the firm now supports Coinbase wallets and accounts.

Wealthfront created this feature after a lot of request by their clientele looking to expand into the ever-emerging and innovative cryptocurrency sector.

Wealthfront Account Integration For Coinbase Wallets

This new supportive feature is available not only to those who already have an account with Wealthfront, but also to the ones currently using their free financial planning services. They will be able to track their digital currencies provided they have already entered their Coinbase accounts details.

In its official announcement, Wealthfront expressed its vision and how does it expect its link to Coinbase Accounts –

We want to help you optimize and automate your finances to ensure you reach your unique financial goals. To achieve that vision, we need to incorporate a comprehensive and constantly updated view of your finances. That’s why enhancements, like our new integration with Coinbase, are so important.

A Financial Planning Solution That’s Fully Automated

Wealthfront also talked about the advantages of using an automated financial planning solution and the ways, whereby it will be improving and evolving as “more and more data is available” with API.

While Talking about the API options, Wealthfront stated –

Access to your Coinbase account information is just the latest example. Over time you can count on us to incorporate far more data, from your accounts and third-party providers (like our recent announcement with Intuit’s TurboTax), to deliver even better financial advice.

Coinbase Gets A Reason To Make A Noise

Yes, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is has a perfect reason to create a noise and it seems to have all of its fingers in the pies.

The major cryptocurrency exchange is not only making the connections with Wealthfront, but also offering their trading platform together across six more European nations, increasing its scope to 33 countries worldwide.

This newly proposed account integration to track cryptocurrency, Wealthfront is taking steps to be a completely automated company which not only receives direct payments but also used for paying bills and making investments.