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Virtual Gifts over Blockchain Brings Fans Closer to their Korean Pop Idols

BTC Wires: Recently, when Gifto took part in KCONLA 2018, the biggest KPOP event in the entire world, they helped Korean artists connect with their fans directly by allowing the latter to send virtual gifts over a blockchain network to their favourite popstars. With a crowd of more than 95000 thronging the venue, the atmosphere was electric already. The unique Ethereum-powered gifting platform took it all a notch higher by making sure the fans could do more than just watch their favourite singers perform live in front of their eyes.

The platform, which runs on blockchain, helped organise hi-touches (or high fives from the artists) and special meet and greet events and used its own live streaming app, Uplive, to make the experience one to remember. KPOP stars such as Justin Park and Amber Liu used the app to do up close and personal streams right before their performances. The stars also received a bunch of virtual gifts as tokens of love and admiration from their excited fans.

Liu, for instance, found that her stream was reaching over 55K live viewers, with many of them showering her broadcast with virtual gifts from Gifto to express their love for her. Justin Park had a similar experience and was clearly very excited by this novel and arguably futuristic way of keeping in touch with all his fans.

Amber and Justin have both joined the Uplive platform and other celebrities like Matt Morgan, an ex-WWE champion have also followed suit. KPop stars like Liu will begin having live streams regularly on the app, taking Gifto’s social entertainment ecosystem further towards its goal to attain large-scale adoption.

Gifto has recently also announced that it has reached 50000 transactions in total over its various services, including Gifto gifts sent to content creators streaming live on the Uplive app. Now that big names like Amber Liu and Justin Park have hopped on board, the number is expected to go much higher than that.

Gifto has taken the lead in making blockchain technology more reachable for laymen and a mainstream audience by introducing fun elements to the technology. Interactive and engaging content is coming from celebrities and other content creators, and the Gifto blockchain wallet tech is also playing a part in this mainstream expansion.

Amber Liu and other celebrities who didn’t know much about blockchain or crypto, are now receiving proofs of love and support of their fans, in the form of virtual gifts that number in the thousands in less than half an hour. Clearly, crypto adoption among a mainstream audience is not such a hard task after all.