ViaBTC Agrees To Process Zero Transaction Fees

Making bitcoin cash mining pools ever more exciting, two more cash mining pools, namely, ViaBTC and have joined the “Miner’s Choice” initiative, in an effort to urge to the minors to remove the dust limit and process zero fee transactions of a set number.

CoinDance data suggests that ViaBTC is the second largest bitcoin cash mining pool and the largest of the three mining operations. In close competition are, followed by CoinGeek.

With over a quarter of the total Bitcoin cash hashrate supporting the initiative, one can expect a lot of significant changes in the BCH network. The proposal wants to initiate the mass adoption of bitcoin cash by enabling users to make transactions as small as 1 Satoshi by writing off the 546 satoshi dust limit. It also urges the minors to process a certain number of zero-fee transactions in every block.

While this may help in the said mass adoption of Bitcoin cash, it will also increase the amount of spam in BCH-based tokens, also known as “coloured coins”, which users will send with almost no fee. Other than that, the users hope that with this initiative, a more competitive marketplace will be created which will help the entire ecosystem.