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Velvet.Exchange Launched New Website

Velvet.Exchange, which is a centralised exchange platform for trading digital financial assets founded in August 2018, has recently announced the launch of their platform. The website has been made available at the address:

After the launch, users will be able to do a heard of activities on the website, like cryptocurrency trading with coins like BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, USDT and ETC; trade with Euro pairs; exchange BTC with a minimal spread opportunity of interexchange arbitration between some cryptocurrencies; enjoy relatively lower fees for makers (up to 0%) and takers (up to 0.001%) depending on the transactions volume. The website will also ensure that a legal structure for fiat money deposit and withdrawal to individual people and legal entities is made available.

Bitchange.Online and SafeNetPay are the partners for payment transactions execution. They provide a simple way of your making deposits and withdrawals in your account, but these payment systems as per their collaboration accept only Euros.

Moreover, Velvet.Exchange will also be providing analytic signals for users via its Telegram chat whereby users will receive analytics and tutorial materials on Medium every week. Besides, we continuously post articles on our blog in which we share insights regarding the Platform’s backstage functional development, internal work and safety issues solving.

The exchange also notes that the safety and security of a client’s data or assets are the most crucial things that they will be concentrating on. Application credentials are kept separate from the database and code base. They will also analyse and monitor red points, and whitelist attributes on all models to prevent mass-assignment vulnerabilities. They will also provide a multi-sign encryption technology control for financial and security management.

Vlad Smirnov, founder of Velvet.Exchange said:

“Our goal is to create a platform based on the classical trading principles that would be reliable and multifunctional with operations within the legal field. Our feature is a combination of the best trading solutions under one roof with our customizable user interface.”