Using Crypotcurrency On The Dark Web Could Get You Arrested

If you have been on the dark web, or know someone who has, you will agree that cryptocurrency is a popular form of digital crrency that is primarily used on the dark web for making purchases, that one does not want to be traced back to them.

This has been the norm for quite some years how. However, things might be changing around you, and it might be harder than before, to get away with using cryptocurrency on the dark web.

Earlier in the day we reported about a Scotsman Facing A 5-Year Jail Term For Using Bitcoin To Buy Firearms From the Dark Web. David Mitchell, the alleged user, is a software engineer from Edinburgh.

It’s being reported that David spent more than $2500 worth of Bitcoin, to purchase a Glock 9mm handgun from the United States. Additionally, David Mitchell also bought a magazine, silencer and 150 rounds of ammunition.

This offender has now been arrested by the US and Scottish police who worked in tandem to capture Mitchell. David reportedly has a history of depression and other behavioural issues. His testimonies in the official court hearing claim that he had an “obsessive preoccupation” to explore whether these cryptocurrency transactions were possible through the dark web.

David’s arrest brings important questions to our mind. Questions about whether bitcoin transactions are really anonymous, whether transactions on the dark web can be traced back to a particular user. etc. With cryptocurrency regulations becoming strict in most countries, it is only natural that the authorities will be keeping

Organised Crime Partnership, has scored a first win with this case. The organization which has been set up as a new crime-fighting unit witnesses a collaboration between the Scottish police and the National Crime Agency.

More organizations like these may come into the play in the near future, considering cross border cooperation has been increasing when it comes to cracking down on criminals.

Previously such cases have been recorded where bitcoin has been used to find a way around legal regulations in place. It has been a nuisance and stricter regulations might actually help monitor such criminal activity.