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Australian Startup Enables Crypto Investments With Spare Change

A fintech startup based in Perth, Australia, has come up with a solution that will open doors for investment in crypto for techies who are keen to involve in the process.

Since the world is driven to the new revolutionary idea which, broadly, will enable them to have a secured decentralized asset and it is not only limited to digital currency. But due to the insecurities involved and the uncertainty of the results, the crypto interested population is finding hurdles in their pavements that do not allow them to invest in the growing business. This Australian startup has brought an idea that will ease their way into it.

The basic idea is to have them use the remaining minor balance of their daily transaction for the investment. This fair and square idea for the venture seems good enough to involve enormous mass. Bamboo plans to use the spare changes from their electronic transfer to use in the crypto investment.

The startup sees the vision beyond, for now, they had their feet on the western market and planned to go further with its sight set on the market potential contained in the developing countries. The CEO of the startup Phil George also plans to extend its micro-investment services into other categories like real estate and commodities. The idea is set to involve people uncertain of their age group who are tech-savvy and it finds a lot of value among the population of developing countries.

The idea will improve access to investment opportunities and intensify their perception and knowledge of the new technologies and will lead to consequential changes in finance.

The application from the startup will use spares and invest it in Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The strategy is said to resemble that of the Raiz Investment App, formerly known as Acorns.

According to Phil,

“Raiz democratises what hedge funds and wealth management companies used to only make accessible to high net worth clients. Robin Hood is an application that makes it easier to trade shares in a way that’s as powerful as platforms that you needed $100,000 just to trade on. Now you can do it with just $5. The micro-investment app is really the first and most obvious thing we do to make these opportunities accessible to everyone.”

He further continued, “more than 4,100 prospective users have already indicated interest in using the app.” The idea seems to attract the mass already and would surely attract more without going out of their way.