Uruguay Wants to Use Blockchain to Solve Various Problems

Aeternity is an open-source blockchain platform that was recently asked by the Uruguayan government and Universidad ORT Uruguay to prove its real-world applications of blockchain technology by solving 7 challenges.

As indicated by the LatAmlist report, the open-source blockchain platform, Aeternity, has been asked to solve the challenges put forward by the Uruguayan’s Ministry of Agriculture, the newspaper, El Observador, duty-free zone, Zonamerica, and AGESIC, the government agency for the electronic government of the Uruguay.

Making Everything Transparent between Consumer, Manufacturers, and Producers

The seven certifiable challenges proposed by the government of Uruguay incorporate tracing the chain of creation of sustainable vegetables, helping individuals who are adopted trace their sources utilizing the blockchain technology. Empower any sports team or a soccer club to have its own digital currency just as advanced trading card season, all executed with blockchain to guarantee security and scalability. Different challenges incorporate logistics, Agro, and media, and make it transparent for the consumers, manufacturers as well as producers.

The challenges Uruguayan government put forward are ambitious, but blockchain tech has the potential to solve these issues.

The Projects Showcased the Depth of Blockchain

Pablo Coirolo, the CEO of Aeternity blockchain, said that they endeavor to consistently stay on the forefront and finding better approaches to tackle real problems with the blockchain technology. He included that working a portion of these tasks enabled them to showcase the depth and the expansiveness of their blockchain solution and are eager to take what they have applied in the South American nation and offer worldwide solutions for the issues utilizing this technology.