UK Is Planning To Incorporate A Holistic Crypto Environment

BTC Wires: A report conducted by the DAG Global, Deep Knowledge Analytics and Big Innovation Centre has stirred the global Blockchain and Crypto community. This report published in The Guardian on July 16, has anecdotes advocating how UK has the potential of becoming ‘a leader’ in crypto and Blockchain technology by 2022.

Aimed at elucidating the power of new age technologies by integrating them in the business, academics and public sector, the report highlighted how Britain’s governmental, technological and industrial resources qualify it for being a chief crypto economic power in the blockchain ecosystem within just five year. This claim stems from the fact that Blockchain technology is still in a growing phase as yet, and that provides for a lot of exploration potential in the respective domain. Additionally, it has also been brought to light through this report that Britain has received investment capital worth over £500 between 2017 and 2018, to harness several blockchain enterprises.

In his statement, from the recently published article in The Guardian, CEO of Big Innovation- Birgitte Andersen that the British Parliament sees potential in Blockchain technology and “has shown commitment to support the accelerated development of the digital economy via a variety of government initiatives.” CEO of DAG Global further strengthened this by predicting about the disappearance of the gap between Britain’s traditional economic structure and crypto economics.

It must be noted that this is not the first time that a report has been released regarding predictions related to a transformation in UK’s crypto policies. Reports about studies conducted at the Imperial College in London in association with U.K. based trading platform eToro had surfaced recently.

Additional news about a group of professors at Oxford, recently coming up with the concept of a Blockchain university with the goal of replacing the traditional structures with an autonomous system, has also turned quite a few heads in the ecosystem. Furthermore, propositions for the implementation of blockchain-based technology to be utilised in the private as well as public sectors have already been afloat. This drive has received a greater momentum ever since politicians in the UK have been promoting and championing blockchain technology.