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Ubitquity and Chain Solutions Join Hands to Ease Cross-Border Real Estate Investment

The Blockchain-based real estate recordkeeping platform, Ubitquity has announced its partnership with the real estate investment consulting firm, Chain Solutions.

In a Medium blog post published on February 4, 2019, by Ubiquity LLC, the Delaware-based company has announced that it has successfully partnered with Chain Solutions with the aim of providing consumers with value-added reselling services.

The Medium post starts with the heading:

“Two companies to combine forces to assist in the cross-border real estate investment process.”

Ubitquity was founded in 2015, and since then the Blockchain-startup has branded itself to be the ‘first enterprise-ready Blockchain-secured platform for real estate recordkeeping.’

The process of transborder investment in real estate has always been complex and difficult to grasp. The partnership between Ubitquity and Chain Solutions aims to streamline this process and make it much easier.

Nathan Wosnack, the Founder and CEO of Ubitquity, explained how the partnership will leverage Blockchain Technology to integrate trust in the process of cross-border investments. He said,

“Cross border transactions and investment have always been a challenge, we believe that by utilizing blockchain technology and features such as smart contracts, we can build a level of trust and confidence in the process. Partnering with Chain Solutions, the best in the industry, is the right move.”

The Founder and CEO at Chain Solutions, Jose Ignacio Fernandez, also elaborated on the new partnership and how it will utilize Blockchain to develop the potential of the distributed ledger technology in the real estate industry. Fernandez said,

“Blockchain is changing the way the world created by humans works, its scope is still indecipherable, we are in a beginning stage, in which Ubitquity has shown to be the best option to develop the potential of this technology in the real estate industry.”

Interestingly, Ubitquity’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) tools are already deployed in several industries such as escrow and title, title abstracting, document management, and aviation. The Blockchain firm possesses the right tools to move towards the goal of the recently announced partnership.