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TRX Copied the Coding From Other Digital Assets

Researchers and Digital Asset Research (DAR) have identified multiple instances of code being copied from other cryptocurrencies in the Tron codebase. DAR published a Medium post on June 19, 2018 which states to have researched Tron, finding plagiarism in the code. It’s asserted that Tron developers plagiarized code from Ethereum Github and changed the filenames making it difficult to identify the source of the code.

Tron is a cryptocurrency which is said to have copied its code from Ethereum libraries. The charges about plagiarism, legal and technical problems may affect the Tron mainnet.

On December 31, 2017, Tron was accused of violating the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPL) for copying from one of the first Ethereum Libraries. Tron later on obtained the licenses. New researches have confirmed further instances of plagiarism by Tron. It has also been claimed that extensive portions or nine pages of Tron whitepaper have been copied from either Filecoin or IPFS papers.

Lucas Nuzzi of DAR told the CNN that developers of Tron went through the hassle of changing some title of some functions to hide plagiarism.

The copied code do not have too much of ethical or legal concern as compared to the technical risk it raises. The Tron virtual machine has copied from Ethereum virtual machine with changes which has increased the risk of attack surface.

Even though it is claimed that Tron has plagiarized from other cryptocurrencies, it is a popular brand with sizable amount of support and publicity.